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3 Networking Tips for Beginners: Nail Technician Edition

nail technician wearing a mask giving a manicure to client

Being a nail technician requires a lot of grit and hard work. Whether you do your training as an apprentice for several weeks, or you participate in a nail technician program, you put in a lot of hours and effort to get your certification. Finding clients is typically the next step, which can sometimes be […]

4 Nail Technician Tips for Beginners

man getting coticules trimmed during manicure

Depending on location, the nail tech market can be quite saturated. There can be thousands of good nail techs, but what makes a great nail technician? It can be hard to stand out from the crowd and expand your nail tech business. Today we’ll share with you four things that make a nail tech great […]

4 Tips for Nail Techs to Get More Business in the Winter

woman getting her nails painted

Whether you did a nail apprenticeship or went to nail tech school, you have worked hard to learn your skills. Sometimes getting new clients can be the main struggle you face as a nail technician. We share with you four tips on how you can get more clients in the winter time, so you can […]

Insurance 101 for Nail Technicians

nail technician painting woman's toenails pink

Being a nail technician is a rewarding job—making people happy by helping their nails be healthy and beautiful is what you do. While this is a fun career, there are also a few risks associated with it. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we know you do your best as a trained professional to avoid accidents, […]

Nail Technician Insurance: The Breakdown

nail technician and client

As a professional, you’re already aware that it’s smart business practice to carry a nail technician insurance policy; however, it can be difficult to wade through unfamiliar insurance jargon. We thought you’d like a quick breakdown of our program highlights and an explanation why the Beauty & Bodywork Insurance program is the right choice for […]

Do Manicurists and Pedicurists Need Insurance?

Did you know that the first manicures and pedicures came from ancient civilizations? Well, they did. In fact, in ancient Egypt, royalty and nobility were “allowed” to grow their fingernails long and decorate them with bright colors because it signified their authority to communicate with the gods. Which meant that slaves and servants had to […]