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Personal and Advertising Injury Insurance

Insurance doesn’t just protect you and your clients from medical bills, or your equipment if it’s lost or broken—insurance can even protect your business’ reputation! In cases where you are accused of libel, stealing intellectual property (e.g., copyright infringement), false advertising, or other activities that erode the public’s trust in your business, Personal and Advertising Injury can protect your personal assets from someone filing a claim against you.

Many business owners might not even consider the risk that intellectual property violations pose to their business. Even just a single small copyright infringement claim can total $15,000 in damages alone—and that doesn’t even include any legal or court fees!

In the digital age, where online reviews and ratings are just a click away and a poor reputation can sink a small business, BBI is here to protect your good name. One way we do that is by including Personal and Advertising Injury coverage in your general liability policy.


What is Personal and Advertising Injury Insurance?

Personal and advertising Injury is made up of two distinct parts: Personal Injury and Advertising Injury.

Personal Injury refers to protection from civil suits in which someone accuses you of something that damages them personally (but not physically). Things like libel, slander, and invasion of privacy are all part of “Personal Injury.”

Advertising Injury, on the other hand, protects you against instances where someone accuses you of harming their business through things like stealing a competitor’s advertising or branding, falsely advertising your services, or violating someone’s copyright.

We bundle these two protections to give you a wall of coverage that shields your personal assets from being spent fighting accusations in court, and provides payment to wronged party’s if you are found liable.

What Does Products Completed Operations Coverage Cover?

Personal and Advertising Injury insurance covers things like:

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  • Libel and slander: If you unknowingly write, broadcast, or otherwise communicate untrue things about your competitors.

  • Wrongful evictions: If you mistakenly evict someone from premises they are renting from you for an unjust or untrue reason.

  • False arrest: If you hold someone against their will within your business premises.
    *Example: Someone steals a bottle of shampoo from your salon and you physically restrain them while waiting for the police to arrive. You could potentially be found liable for false arrest of that person.

  • Invasion of Privacy: If you unintentionally illegally accessed someone’s phone or personal belongings.
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  • False Advertising: If you mistakenly communicate untrue things about your own business with the intent of improving sales, foot traffic, or otherwise benefitting from it.
    *Example: You put out a post on Instagram telling your followers you are offering a half-priced couple’s massage for Valentine’s Day. However, you forgot to add a limitation (e.g., “to the first 10 people who book an appointment”). The first 10 people who booked got their discount, but you refused to honor the discount when it was time for the other clients who booked in response to your advertisement, and one or more of them brought a claim against you.
  • Copyright Infringement: This is a broad term encompassing acts of intellectual theft of ideas, marketing materials, photographs, etc.
    *Example: You’re developing a new logo for your salon and you unintentionally choose a logo that’s almost identical to one of your competitors. Or, you use a photograph in an advertisement for your massage studio that was taken by someone else and didn’t know you needed to get permission to use it before publishing the ad.
Learn more about what is and isn’t covered by all of our policies on our Coverage Details page.

Who Should Buy Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage?

Personal and Advertising Injury insurance is a good option for small business owners who handle their own advertising or are otherwise responsible for promoting their services.

Maybe you run your own website, or manage a professional Instagram account dedicated to your work—with so much competition in the digital marketplace, it can be stressful to try and build your online following while worrying about what might happen if you unintentionally make a mistake in how you speak about competitors or promote your brand.

Hair stylists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and many other beauty and bodywork professionals can all benefit from the peace of mind that comes with protection against personal and advertising claims.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Personal and Advertising Injury coverage is included under BBI’s General Liability policy for beauty and bodywork professionals. If you’re covered by BBI, you already have it!

Get covered today – start your application for beauty and bodywork insurance and get your insurance in minutes!

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While Personal Injury and Advertising Injury are different areas of coverage, BBI bundles them together, meaning that they are not separate policies. You cannot receive different coverage under either Personal or Advertising Injury as they are considered to be the same thing.

We know different insurance terms can be confusing, so check out our glossary of insurance terms to learn more.

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BBI’s Personal and Advertising Injury claims are included under our base General Liability policy, meaning you can receive up to $3,000,000 in coverage for only $9.99 per month or $96 for a full year!

And, with no deductible for a claim, you don’t have to pay anything before your insurance kicks in.

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DirkBodywork Professional
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CamilleNail Tech
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Working for the first time in three years, I asked a friend about insurance, she highly recommended Beauty & Body work , it was a great site, easy to understand and lots of follow up. Im happy to be working again!
Kris Christy
Kris ChristyMassage Therapist
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"6 minutes is all it took"

Easy peasy, I think about 6 minutes is all it took and immediately. I had my proof of insurance!
Latoya Mosley
Latoya MosleyLash Artist
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So at ease knowing I have insurance on my new Lash business and it was easy to apply.
Autumn Zebroff
Autumn ZebroffEsthetician
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Super fast online purchase for my esthetician business...Had a few questions before I purchased spoke with a very helpful associate that doesn't work on commission.
Jillian Walsh
Jillian WalshSpray Tanning
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So happy I found Beauty & Bodywork Insurance. The process to insure my spray tanning business was seamless and affordable. Just what I needed!