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As a licensed massage therapist (LMT), you focus on relieving stress and pain and improving overall health. You don’t plan on accidents happening, but the reality is they can happen to anyone. Massage therapy insurance protects you and your business from the cost of liability claims, so you can focus on what matters most – the client. Common claims include bodily injury, property damage, allergic reactions to oils, and more. With the right massage therapy insurance, those claims can be covered.

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Massage Liability Insurance for Professionals and Students

Massage liability insurance from Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) provides professional and general liability coverage for professionals and students. Unlike association-based insurance programs, therapists who choose BBI never pay membership fees and are never required to complete additional coursework to qualify for coverage. Buy a policy today and join the tens of thousands of massage therapists nationwide who have found peace of mind with massage insurance from BBI.

Download and view our complete guide to Massage Therapy Insurance. It answers any questions you have about massage therapist liability insurance and includes detailed information about our policies.


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What is Massage Liability Insurance?

Massage liability insurance, also known as public liability insurance,  helps protect you and your business from liability claims. These types of claims can include bodily injury, property damage, allergic reactions to oils, and more. Our massage insurance coverage includes general & professional liability, products & completed operations, personal & advertising injury, and damage to premises rented to you.

It can also include tools and supplies coverage, also known as Inland Marine, to help to cover any damages  to your equipment or supplies.

How Much Does Massage therapy Insurance Cost?

At Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) we offer insurance for professionals starting at $96 and for massage students starting at $67 per year. This price includes $3 million in general & professional liability coverage.

There are several factors that may affect the total cost of your massage liability insurance policy. For example, you can add one additional insured for $15 or unlimited for $30. If they are named in a lawsuit due to a covered business-related loss or claim, they receive protection because of your actions or operations. Other examples that may affect the total cost of your coverage include: the types of modalities you provide and the endorsements you select.

For just $13, we’ll provide $2,000 in coverage for your tools and supplies in case of damage or theft.

The best part? Your application can be completed in ten minutes or less. Please note you will not qualify for coverage under these prices if your services include any of the excluded methods listed on our site. BBI does not offer monthly payments for massage liability insurance.

What is Included in Massage Therapy Liability Insurance?

Included in a standard massage insurance policy are:

General Liability Insurance: This policy covers third-party claims of bodily injury and property damage. It can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages awarded in a lawsuit.

Professional Liability Insurance: This policy covers claims of professional misconduct, such as sexual harassment. It can also help protect you if you’re accused of causing physical harm to a client.

Personal & Advertising Injury: This coverage can help protect you if you’re accused of libel, slander, or false advertising.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: This coverage can help reimburse you for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property.

If you’re a mobile massage therapist, this coverage helps protect you while on the road.

To read about these coverage options in detail, take a look at this blog.

What additional coverages can be included in a massage therapy insurance policy?

Additionally, you can opt to include the additional coverages:

Cupping Endorsement: This covers claims arising from the use of cupping therapy.

Fitness Trainer Endorsement: This coverage is needed if you plan to include some form of fitness training such as yoga, dance, or personal training into your business operations. 

Acupuncture Endorsement: Acupuncture is often used in massage therapy. This coverage can help protect you if acupuncture needles injure a client.

Supplies & Tools Coverage: Also called Inland Marine insurance. this policy covers the cost of replacing lost or damaged supplies and tools, such as massage tables and oils.

Additional Insureds: You may need to add additional insureds, such as your employer or the owner of the space where you work. When you add a person, event, or organization to your massage therapy policy as an additional insured, they receive protection if they are named in a lawsuit due to a covered business-related loss/claim because of your actions or operations. 

Cyber Liability Insurance: If you collect or store customer information – names, addresses, even payment information – and that information is stolen or compromised, your business could be held liable. Cyber Liability insurance can protect you from paying hefty fees, judgements, legal cost, fines, and processor fees that you become legally liable to pay.

To read about these coverage options in detail, take a look at this blog.

Why Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI)?

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides affordable, top-notch insurance policies for massage therapists without having to pay membership fees or join an association. Policies can be purchased online with a quote-free process by filling out a simple application. BBI lets you set the policy effective date, and you can cancel your policy at any time. Once you fill out your application, you receive immediate proof of coverage on your dashboard and via email.

At BBI, we strive to make it easy for you to protect your massage therapy business. Other benefits include:

  • A+ Rated
  • Our easy, online application takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • 24/7 access to your insurance policy with your online user account
  • Filing a claim is quick and easy
  • Make changes to your policy at any time
  • Ability to add additional insureds to your policy at any time
  • Our base policy is affordable, starting at just $96 / Year
  • Customizable policy options to fit your business needs
  • Available endorsements if you need additional coverage
  • All of our customer service representatives are licensed insurance agents

General & professional liability limits

The most your policy will pay in a 12 month policy period for bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.


The maximum amount your policy will pay in a 12-month period for bodily injury and property damage claims that result from the products you use to perform your services. However, it does not cover products that are sold or distributed.


The amount that your policy will pay for claims arising out of one or more of the following offenses:
-False Arrest, detention or imprisonment
-Malicious prosecution
-Wrongful Eviction or Wrongful Entry
-Oral or written publications that slander or libels a person or organization
-Oral or written publication or material that violates a person’s right of privacy
-The use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement


The maximum the insurance carrier will pay for a bodily injury or property damage claim that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.


Applies to damage by fire to premises rented to the insured and to damage regardless of cause to premises (including contents) occupied by the insured for 7 days or less.


i. Please note these are brief definitions of coverage. Your policy may be more restrictive in its language. Refer to the actual policy for a complete description of coverages and exclusions. If you would like to see a sample policy, please contact us.

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Examples of massage therapist insurance claims

You may be wondering what types of claims massage insurance covers. As an LMT, you do your best to avoid accidents, but they still happen. View some common claims you could face as a massage therapist, and how much BBI can cover.

Download Our Free Massage Therapy Insurance Guide!

Our guide shares best practices for selecting the right insurance policy for your massage therapy business. It includes coverage details and limits, price of additional insureds, and how to file a claim. 

Common Massage Insurance Coverage Questions

Yes, we would highly recommend having insurance as a massage therapist. Although some areas may not legally require that massage therapists have insurance, you assume total risk without it. Additionally, many franchises and spas will require that job candidates have massage therapy insurance before hiring or contracting with them. Beyond that, there are inherent risks involved with working on the human body. There’s always a chance someone might react negatively to the services or products you use.

However, independently contracted or employed therapists aren’t the only ones who should be insured. If you are a mobile or self-employed massage therapist, it’s crucial you protect yourself from lawsuits since your personal financial assets may be at risk if you were sued.

In the event of a lawsuit, you may have to pay legal costs to defend yourself even if you’re not found liable. Without insurance coverage, you may be responsible for paying all claims-related costs out-of-pocket.

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Because there are so many different types of massage therapy out there, BBI covers a wide variety of massages, including:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Chair massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Animal massage
  • Sports massage
  • Thai massage
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At Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) we offer one price for professionals ($96) and one price for massage therapy students ($67). There are several factors that may affect the total cost of your massage liability insurance policy. Some examples include:

  • The types of modalities you provide
  • How many additional insureds you need to add
  • The coverage limits you select
  • and more

Please note that if your services include any of the excluded methods listed on our site, you will not qualify for coverage under these prices. BBI does not offer monthly payments for massage liability insurance.

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When researching insurance, it’s important to look at what coverages the policy you’re seeking offers. For example, does the policy cover general, professional, and/or products liability insurance? This is extremely useful when comparing prices.

You’ll also want to keep in mind certain coverages and endorsements that are offered with a policy—purchasing cheap massage insurance isn’t always the way to go because it most likely won’t have all the coverage you need.

Here is a list of considerations to think about so you make sure it is a good fit for you!

  1. If you are being required to purchase insurance for your salon, make sure they have the right general liability limit.
  2. Make sure that you can add Additional Insureds to your policy. Even for a small fee, your employers or landlords may require it.
  3. Check the payment options. Our plan is a one-time, annual fee for $96 per year. You have options to add to your policy to include extra endorsements at any time.
  4. Make sure you opt into EZ Renew or are prepared to renew each year, to keep your coverage valid in the Claims Made policy structure.

You can also view our comparison chart to see how BBI compares to other insurance providers.

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No matter how hard you work to avoid a claim—there is always a chance for an accident. By being an insured massage therapist, you can help reduce your financial risks while working with customers. Some common massage therapy claims to be aware of, include:

  • A massage therapy table breaks while a client is on it during their session causing injury and a legal complaint.
  • An oil or cream causing a rash or an allergic reaction is used, and your customer decides to pursue legal action.
  • Bruising or infection on clients after the massage that they feel you are culpable for causing and bring up a suit against you.
  • Blood clots take place after a massage (This is most common with clients who might be at increased risk of injury, or elderly people.)
  • A client slips and falls on company property and sustains an injury. You can be at fault for not having proper signage or an alternative route.
  • As a massage therapist, you could be held liable for any of the claims mentioned above and many other types of injuries or accidents arising from your business.
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BBI’s massage therapy liability insurance provides both general and professional liability at a $3,000,000 aggregate limit and an occurrence limit of $2,000,000. Regardless of if you work from home, travel to clients, or work in a salon, it’s important for massage therapists to have insurance, specifically general and professional liability insurance.

General liability insurance, also known as slip-and-fall insurance, protects against exactly that—incidents like slipping and falling. If a client trips over your massage table and injures themselves, general liability insurance can protect you against any possible lawsuits.

Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, provides protection in the case that a client sues you specifically for damages resulting from the service you provided. Essentially, if the client gets injured from a massage service that you provide, malpractice insurance for massage therapists would protect you.

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Beauty and Bodywork Insurance is a great option for you because you receive both general and professional liability insurance. You can take advantage of our quote-free process and get insured within 10 minutes. With BBI, you can set the date for when your policy becomes active, and you can cancel your policy at any time.

You also won’t have to join an association or pay a membership fee, like other insurance options require you to do. You only pay the annual amount for your massage insurance policy, without having to worry about other fees.

If you have any questions, you can chat with one of our certified insurance agents, or give them a call. We are happy to help you with what coverage is available for your specific type of massage therapy work that you provide.

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Yes, a BBI massage liability insurance policy includes mobile massage therapist insurance, allowing you to take your services on the road directly to your clients instead of working in a salon, all while having coverage.

Note: Make sure to add on coverage for Inland Marine, which is deductible coverage for your tools, supplies, and equipment. That can include massage tables, creams and oils, and other tools of the trade you take with you to appointments.

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If you store any client information, like names, addresses, or credit card numbers, it’s highly recommended that you purchase cyber liability insurance. This can be added on to your base policy for just $79. Cyber crime is on the rise, and if a hacker gets access to your clients’ personal information, it could cost you thousands of dollars and your reputation. If you’d like to learn more about cyber liability insurance, take a look at this article.

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Filling out an application is easy and only takes 10 minutes. The best part is that you don’t need to request a massage insurance quote. Here is a list of things you’ll need to provide when filling out an application to get insured:

  • Your policy preferences (professional or student, endorsements you’d like to include)
  • Personal information (name, address, business information)
  • Which business activities you will be performing
  • Claim history
  • Additional insureds (if you’d like to add any)
  • Payment information
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