Reiki Liability Insurance

Transferring energy is similar to transferring financial risk of a lawsuit away from yourself or your business.

Insurance for Reiki Practitioners

While Reiki is generally considered a safe method of treatment, you are still at risk for liability claims. To protect yourself, your business, and your finances, count on Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI).

We offer comprehensive coverages and competitive limits that meet your needs as a Reiki practitioner. Enjoy the same peace of mind that thousands of other body and energy workers have found by purchasing a BBI policy.


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Liability Policy

Program Highlights

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  • General and Professional Liability
  • Products-Completed Operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Damage to Premises Rented to you
  • Inland Marine/Business Personal Property

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Reiki Liability Insurance

BBI is the Liability Coverage you need

Even activities and techniques that most people agree are safe have risks. These risks, if not considered and prepared for, can turn into serious situations that can affect everyone involved.

What if you use Reiki on a client and they accuse you of injuring them? Or what if they trip and break their ankle while at your studio? In either of these or any other similar situations, what if they sue you?

WIf you have insurance, you won’t need to stress as much about these questions. Our online policy offers liability coverage for Reiki practitioners and students, including for both the traditional Japanese method and the Western method.

Common Questions about Reiki Insurance

Reiki insurance offers protection for general and professional liability claims that may occur from your daily operations. Without the correct insurance coverage, a claim could potentially affect both your business and personal finances.

Some of the most common claims include bodily injury from your practice or from a simple trip and fall. When purchasing Reiki insurance, you'll want to make sure your policy includes a variety of coverages, including general and professional liability, and business personal property coverage.

In the industry, insurance premiums for a Reiki policy are determined by various factors. These might include your annual revenue, how many (and what types) of services you provide in addition to Reiki, the limits of your insurance and additional insured requirements.

At BBI, we keep insurance simple. Reiki practitioners can purchase a full year of insurance coverage for only $96. Students being trained in Reiki can purchase a discounted student policy for only $67 per year. Please note that there are services that may not be covered under the BBI policy, please seeexcluded methods listed on our site.

Whether you provide Reiki treatments at a spa, national franchise or at a clients home you need insurance. Spas or Franchisors may require you to provide Additional Insured status before they will allow you to work for them, BBI can include this within your policy. Either way, you need Reiki insurance to protect yourself from the legal fees and judgement costs that could be financially devastating to you and your business.

Coverages & pricing

** Please note these are brief definitions of coverages and your policy may be more restrictive in its language. It is essential that you refer to the actual policy for a complete description of coverages and exclusions.

liability policy

This policy is for professionals who work in the Beauty and Bodywork Industry.


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liability policy

This policy is for students currently enrolled in a beauty or massage school.
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Program benefits

  • 24/7 Access to Policy Documents
  • Quality insurance
  • Convenient Online Purchasing
  • No Quote Process
  • Licensed In All 50 States
  • Instant Coverage
  • No Deductible on Liability Claims
  • A+ Rated Insurance Carrier
  • One Policy for Multiple Methods
  • Peace of Mind

1 Additional Insured $15 | Unlimited Additional Insureds $30

General & professional liability limits

General & Professional Liability Aggregate $3,000,000
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $3,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Included
Each Occurrence $2,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to you $300,000

Additional limits

Inland Marine / Business Personal Property $2,000
Deductible $100

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Who we are

The Bodywork Insurance Program was launched in the Fall of 2012 by Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC.

Veracity Insurance Solutions

Veracity Insurance Solutions

Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC is the program administrator and general agent for Beauty & Bodywork Insurance. Veracity began focusing on specialty general liability, product liability and program business insurance in 2002. Since then, they have been involved in the creation and ongoing administration of over 20 different association-based and Risk Purchasing Group programs. Located just South of Salt Lake City, Veracity is committed to providing each client the best price and service possible. With over 40,000 small business accounts serviced, Veracity’s team has the experience and expertise necessary to meet your needs.

Great American Insurance Group

Great American Insurance Group

Great American Insurance Company is committed to helping individuals and businesses secure a healthy financial future. Since 1872, their insurance operations have been providing insurance products and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of their customers.

Their lead insurer, Great American Insurance Company, is rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best. (Rating affirmed February 21, 2014)

Popular methods

Reiki is just one of the many different methods in the bodywork industry. A liability policy can help people who work in the field, whether they are independent small business owners or they work for someone in a salon. A BBI policy won’t set the workers back hundreds of dollars either. Some of the more popular methods that Beauty and Bodywork Insurance includes are: