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How to File a Claim with BBI

When you need to file a claim, it’s usually during a pretty stressful time in your professional life. Maybe one of your clients was injured during a massage treatment, or maybe they had to postpone their wedding because of an accident with their hair treatment, or maybe a crucial piece of your equipment was damaged while you were driving to work.

Whatever the reason, we know you’re filing a claim to protect yourself, your clients, and your business—and we’ll be right by your side while you do it. Let’s take a look at what to expect when navigating a claim with BBI.

How to Submit a Claim

First things first—every claim is different, and getting the best outcome takes some preparation on your part. Let’s start at the beginning.


What We Need From You

Before filing a claim, gather all of the necessary information. This will speed up the claim acknowledgment process and avoid confusion later on. Some of the necessary information includes:

  • Policy information: Your policy number, effective date, etc.
  • Date and approximate time of the incident for which you’re filing a claim
  • Name, address, and contact information of the person making a claim against you
  • The exact dollar amount of any damages (legal fees, medical bills, etc.) sought by a claimant
  • Any Additional Insureds
    Location of the incident
    Detailed description of the incident
  • If filing a theft report, name of the police department with which you filed a report
  • The exact or estimated dollar amount of the property that was stolen or damaged
  • A complete police report* in cases of theft or intentional damage

All of this information is materially important to establishing the facts of your claim and most adjusters won’t be able to process your claim without some or most of it.

*Note: It is your responsibility to contact the police and file a police report yourself. We cannot file a police report on your behalf, or contact the police to receive a report from them directly.


Things That Can Delay Your Claim

We understand that pending insurance claims can be a burden on your personal and professional life. In order to get your claim processed quickly, keep these things in mind:

  • Make your initial claim promptly. Waiting to start the claims process will only delay the final result and can make you more likely to forget crucial details of the incident for which you are filing a claim.
  • Respond quickly: It’s vital that you respond to any and all correspondence from your claims adjuster in a timely manner. Your claim cannot be properly investigated without your input—your adjuster can only work as fast as they are given the information they need.
  • Double-check any and all information before you send it to your adjuster. Incorrect names, dates, serial numbers, etc., take time to correct and—in cases where your claim is heard in court—can drastically alter the timeline and overall result of your claim approval.


>>Pro Tip: Check your Junk or Spam folders to make sure correspondence from your claims adjuster didn’t get flagged.<<


Things That Won’t be Covered

Your policy includes a list of activities and circumstances which won’t be covered by an insurance claim. These are called exclusions, and it’s worth it to study them ahead of time so you can avoid things that expose you to unprotected liability.

In the beauty and bodywork industry, these exclusions are typically modalities and treatments that are simply too risky to insure (based on the likelihood of someone getting injured or having adverse reactions).

Some scenarios that won’t be covered by a BBI policy include:

  • Psychological or related treatment therapy
  • Skin needling
  • Microblading
  • Any operation that requires a medical license
  • Diagnosing or failure to diagnose any disease or medical condition
  • And more

Get a better idea of the types of insurance coverage BBI policies include.

>>Not sure your claim will be covered? Take time to review the entire list of excluded services before attempting to file a claim.<<


Useful Ways to Stay Prepared

  • Have a plan in place to render first aid or contact first responders in cases where a client is injured in your salon or workspace.
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent injury by properly using and storing your tools and equipment, and keep your workspace clear of any potential hazards.
  • Consistently communicate with your clients about any preexisting injuries, medical conditions, or allergies prior to every service or treatment.
  • Document any incidents soon after they happen (write down any names, dates, times, or locations, and take photos where appropriate).

Now, Let’s Talk About The Claims Process

Once you file a claim with BBI, we immediately get to work. Our main priority is to make sure your claim is sent to the insurance carrier with all the necessary information we need to provide.

Start by filing a claim through your customer dashboard.

  1. Log in to your online user account*
  2. Locate the “Manage Policies” section
  3. Click “File a Claim”
  4. Fill out the form and submit


*If you are an additional insured or are otherwise filing a claim and are not the primary policy holder, you can call us at 877-536-7290 or email us at and we will send you the necessary digital claims form.

After you initiate a claim, a dedicated Customer Service Representative from our team will typically reach out to you within 1-2 business days to confirm receipt of the claim.

After that, our job is to send the necessary claim information including your policy number and Certificate of Insurance to our insurance carrier, Great American Insurance Group. This is a separate company in charge of validating, accepting, or denying the claim, and eventually paying it out.

Why Do We Send Your Claim to Great American?

You had good reasons for choosing BBI for your insurance. At this point, you might wonder why your claim is being sent to someone outside of BBI—and we get it! Think of it this way:

While BBI packages your insurance policy and makes it available for purchase on your end, our carrier, Great American Insurance Group, is the company that administers your insurance policy and carries the financial risk.

Our dedicated CSRs can answer any questions you might have about the details of your policy. But since they are licensed insurance agents, they can’t comment on whether or not your claim will be accepted or if you are entitled to any payments.

Only Great American Insurance Group can tell you the status of your claim, if you meet all the necessary qualifications for a payout, or any of the reasons why your claim is denied.

What Happens When We Submit Your Claim

After we send your claim to Great American Insurance Group, the company usually takes 7-10 business days to assign a claims adjuster to your case. A claims adjuster will reach out by email to confirm they’ve received your claim. This person will be your primary contact for your claim throughout the process and you should direct all your questions about the approval status, timeline, and any payment amounts to them. If you don’t receive an email from a Great American Insurance Group Claims adjuster within 7-10 days, reach out to them by sending an email to or calling 844-424-4669. Also, don’t forget to check your junk or spam folders to make sure their emails didn’t get flagged. After the initial confirmation email from Great American Insurance Group, your claims adjuster may need more information from you to validate your claim. They might ask for:
  • Names of anyone injured during the incident for which you’re filing a claim
  • Date and time of the theft or accident
  • Make and model of damaged or stolen property
  • Receipt or other proof of purchase for the property
  • Photos
  • Police report – and so on
Claims adjusters use many different variables to determine whether or not a claimant has a right to payment, so gathering the necessary information can take anywhere from a few days to months depending on the type and amount of damage. While we know waiting is hard, you should expect a claim to take at least a few weeks to be processed.

Here’s a Timeline for an Example Claim:

Sarah’s client wants to go a few shades blonder, so Sarah mixes up the appropriate bleach solution from the products near her workstation. After the treatment, Sarah’s client complains of painful burning on her scalp along with hair loss. Sarah realizes too late that the chemicals near her station were labeled incorrectly and she used a far stronger solution of bleach than normal to treat her client.

Sarah’s client seeks medical attention for her scalp burns and hair loss. After a few weeks, Sarah’s client informs her that she’ll be filing a suit against Sarah alleging she was professionally responsible for her injuries, and is holding Sarah liable for her medical bills and for the stress she suffered from the ensuing hair loss.

Sarah immediately files a claim with BBI, submitting all the info about her client, the incident, and any additional documents provided in the claim, like medical expense receipts and photos.

The next day, a customer service representative from BBI contacts Sarah to let her know her claim was received and they’ve sent it to Great American Insurance Group along with her policy number and Certificate of Insurance (COI).

One week later, Sarah receives a message from a Great American Insurance Group claims adjuster confirming the receipt of her claim. Her claim adjuster also needs to know if the bleach was usually kept in that location or if it was misplaced.

She confirms with her manager the next day that the bleach was kept in its usual place, but was mislabeled. She responds to her claims adjuster’s email that night.

Her claim adjuster responds the next day saying her claim has been approved and they are negotiating a settlement with her client for the appropriate amount.

10 days later, Sarah receives a message saying that payment has been sent to her injured client.

Interested in understanding what types of claims we cover? Check out these beauty and bodywork insurance claims examples.

Reasons Why a Claim May Be Denied

There are many reasons why a claim might be denied. In addition to the specific exclusions listed in your policy, some of the biggest reasons for which a claim is denied include:

  • You were providing a service not covered by your policy.
  • You are seeking coverage for equipment that disappeared mysteriously (loss that can’t be sufficiently explained by the insured.)
  • You are seeking coverage for equipment theft with no ensuing police report.
  • You are seeking coverage for equipment that has broken down due to normal wear and tear.
  • You are seeking coverage for equipment that you damaged, even accidentally.

Some claimants might be frustrated to learn that their equipment is not covered in case of loss or theft. While this is understandable, these claims are often simply too difficult to insure due to the heightened risk of fraud.

Some other general reasons for denial of claim include:

  • Loss due to governmental search and seizure
  • Nuclear hazard
  • War action
  • Improper maintenance of equipment (not using valid protective equipment)
  • Earthquake, floods, or other so called “acts of God”
  • Fungus rot and bacteria
    Property is not owned but rented

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Start by clicking the “file a claim” button on your customer dashboard and filling out the form.

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Every claim is different and it’s impossible for BBI to give a prediction of how long your claim will take. Claimants should be prepared to wait for several weeks or months for their claims to be approved or denied, and should make appropriate preparations for their business in the meantime.

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Start by checking your email to make sure you didn’t miss the confirmation email. Check your spam folder, trash folder, or search your inbox for any messages from Great American Insurance Group. If the initial email wasn’t received, reach out to them at or call 844-424-4669.

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It takes 7-10 business days for Great American Insurance Group to assign an adjuster for your claim. Calling before then will not ensure that you can talk to an adjuster any faster. Once you receive an initial email from your adjuster, you may message or call them at their discretion.

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