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Insurance Endorsements

At BBI, we’re not in the business of providing a one-size-fits-all solution.

The world of beauty and bodywork is huge and varied, and our customers have unique needs that sometimes don’t fit into neat little boxes. With insurance endorsements, our customers have the option to customize their policies to exactly what they need for their business—whether that’s expanding their coverage to a new service or space, insuring additional people, or protecting the tools of their trade. Our insurance endorsements provide the same level of best-in-class service and dedicated support as our basic policies, but offer you even more control over your coverage.


What is an Insurance Endorsement?

Think of your insurance as having three main parts: the underlying agreement outlining the risks you are seeking protection from, a list of exclusions which tell you what isn’t covered, and the conditions you must meet in order to qualify for protection. Insurance policy endorsements are simply modifications to your existing policy that allow you to customize your coverage to better suit your needs and budget.

With insurance endorsements, you can add individual risks, persons, or entities without needing to purchase a whole new policy.

Why Would I Need an Insurance Endorsement?

Say you’re a massage therapist and you decide that acupuncture is a worthwhile service to offer existing clients and attract new ones. After receiving your license, you can simply add BBI’s acupuncture endorsement to your existing policy with no hassle or gaps in coverage.

Beauty and bodywork professionals can all benefit from insurance endorsements to tailor their coverage to exactly what they need. Massage therapists, personal trainers, cosmetologists, nail techs, and more can find insurance endorsements to help them expand their business enterprises and protect their equipment.

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Which Endorsements are Offered by BBI?

Insurance policy endorsements give beauty and bodywork professionals the freedom to expand their coverage to the things that matter most. Endorsements offered at BBI include:

Additional Insureds

Additional Insureds are used to include extra people or organizations on your insurance policy. This could include things like a venue, property owner, or event planner, but don’t work for adding your friends, family, or business partners.


This endorsement is necessary for someone like a massage therapist who plans to start offering cupping treatments. BBI will cover single step, manual suction procedures that use only dry silicone cups. It does not cover wet cupping, flammable cupping, or other types of invasive cupping.

Fitness Trainer

This endorsement can cover you if you choose to start offering training services to new or existing clients. Fitness trainers include Aerobics Instructors, Crossfit Coaches, Dance Instructors, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers and more. This endorsement protects you from personal losses if a client is injured during training, and covers your equipment in case of damage.


Therapists who have been trained in acupuncture can safely provide this service with the acupuncture endorsement and are covered in the event of client injury, broken equipment, or accidental negligence that leads to unforeseen consequences.

Cyber Liability

Beauty and bodywork professionals don’t often think about the kinds of risk involved with the technology they rely on to schedule clients, organize payments, and more. Cyber liability endorsements provide protection from cyber attacks targeting client and payment information.


BBI’s microcurrent endorsement approves the use of handheld devices under 500 microamps, and is useful for bodywork professionals who want to expand the range of services they offer. Special considerations need to be taken, however, and practitioners are not allowed to perform services on cancer patients, those with implanted devices like pacemakers, pregnant clients, or anyone subject to seizures.

Salon & Spa Owner

This endorsement covers any employees or independent contractors renting a booth, studio, or similar workspace. Coverage rates are based on the number of booths instead of number of employees, meaning you can save costs on your overall headcount.

How Much do Insurance Endorsements Cost?

BBI offers a comprehensive range of endorsements at affordable prices. Less-invasive therapies include:

  • Cupping $35/year
  • Fitness trainer $33/year
  • Microcurrent $35/year


Higher risk endorsements include:

  • Salon and spa owner $349/year
  • Acupuncture $403/year


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How to Add an Insurance Endorsement to My Policy?

It’s easy to modify your existing coverage with endorsements!

For new customers start by:
  1. Filling out the basic BBI application.
  2. After selecting your policy and providing the necessary information, you’ll be prompted to select any endorsements you wish to add.
  3. Simply click the “add” option where available; note the price of each endorsement next to the option as well.
  4. Finish your application and pay online to enjoy immediate coverage!
For existing customers:
  1. Log into your customer dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the “Change Policy Options” button.
  3. Select any endorsements you wish to add from the following menu; note the price of each endorsement next to the option.
  4. Check out and pay to enjoy immediate coverage!


If you need help or have any questions, feel free to call us at 877-536-7290!

How Can Insurance Endorsements Help My Business?

Better coverage

With endorsements from BBI, you can add elements of coverage to your existing policy quickly and easily. Whether it’s safely investing in a valuable piece of new equipment or ensuring that you’re protected in the event of an accident, finding the right endorsement can help.

Business expansion

In many states, proof of insurance is one of the primary requirements of occupational licensing. If you want to legally expand to new streams of revenue, endorsements can help you find coverage without starting from square one.

Peace of mind

Insurance endorsements are about taking the initiative to keep your business, tools, and employees protected. By modifying your policy the way you need, you never have to worry about unforeseen setbacks or gaps in coverage.

Experience You Can Trust

BBI is trusted by over 50,000 beauty and bodywork professionals across 30 different industries. See why they’re happy with coverage—and how to join them.