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Dess Legend, Face Painter

Peace of Mind

I've been putting off getting insurance for quite a while - not sure which was right for me. When I found BBI it was so simple to sign up, and everything I need in my coverage is there and more! The peace of mind is worth it and they have by far the best rates in the industry (I shopped around for months). Thank you BBI for giving me that peace of mind.

— Dess Legend, Face Painter

Erin Peneueta, Massage Therapist/Esthetician

I couldn't be happier

Finally an affordable insurance for bodyworkers!!! I couldn't be happier with beauty and bodywork insurance!

— Erin Peneueta, Massage Therapist/Esthetician


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"It’s a really great feeling to know that you have security for your business and clients. You never know when you just might need it. Very low fee for such a huge deal. I would recommend this for all businesses. Play it safe and get the protection you need with BBI. I did and I am happy with it!"

—Sharlie, CT

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"My response to today's service is AAA+ without a question. BBI’s assistance was more than helpful to me. They were respectful and very easy to speak to. They helped relieve my stress by facilitating my enrollment process and answering all my questions. No waiting. I am completely satisfied."

—Denise, FL

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"Just called the toll free number to ask a few questions before purchasing a policy. The customer service rep was very professional, informative and understanding. Very rare to see that. I have a "warm fuzzy feeling" about this new change and I am very eager to purchase this policy when my old policy expires!"

—Caitlin, KS

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"I am extremely happy with BBI’s prompt service. Not to mention I saved $90 per year over the previous policy. This means a lot to a small business owner."

—Lisa, NY

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"I really appreciate how quickly you turned my problem into a solution. I'll definitely use your group again when I have to buy the next round of coverage."

—Daryl, AL

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"Thank you very much for all your help and patience. I have insurance now and I can go back to work. Thank you BBI for all your help. Great customer service!"

—Alicia, CA

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I have been looking for affordable insurance and happy to find you with a BBB rating.

— Wendy, MI