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4 Nail Technician Tips for Beginners

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Depending on location, the nail tech market can be quite saturated. There can be thousands of good nail techs, but what makes a great nail technician? It can be hard to stand out from the crowd and expand your nail tech business. Today we’ll share with you four things that make a nail tech great and how you can make your mark.

Maintain Relationships with Clients

Being a nail technician requires more than just seeing your clients and making sure they’re satisfied with your work. You have to put in extra time and energy to maintain relationships with your clients. When they come in to see you, talk to them and ask them about their life. A lot of the time, to a client, a nail technician becomes a friend that they see every couple of weeks. Show genuine interest in your client and listen to what they have to say.

You can also send follow-up texts to your clients the day after their appointment to make sure they are satisfied with your services. To bring clients back and turn them into loyal clients, consider integrating a referral program. If they refer a friend or family member to you, they can receive 10% off their next appointment. This will incentivize them to keep coming back to you as their preferred nail tech.

Lastly, a good rule of thumb to keep those relationships feel personal is to make notes on their appointments. This can help you remember things like their preferred colors, nail shapes, or even their fur baby’s name. Being personable goes a long way to keeping your clients, so review your notes before appointments and make new updates after.

Advertise on Social Media

If you don’t already have a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest account, consider expanding your social media platforms and reach. You can use Facebook to create a business page so you can show your services, prices, hours, and location. Consider using Instagram to do giveaways, engage with clients, and post pictures of your work. You’ll also want to make sure your Instagram account is a business account so you can see the analytics of your posts and the demographics of your followers.

TikTok has been around since 2016, but it boomed in 2020. With its 689 million followers, you have a huge market that you can tap into. You can post videos of your clients’ nails, displaying your creative skills. You can also post your nail art on Pinterest. It is very common for clients to search Pinterest for nail art before they come to you so they have ideas for that month’s manicure. Take advantage of these four social platforms so you can share your work and get the word out about your services.

Never Stop Learning

No nail technician is too good or experienced to stop learning. There will always be something new to learn—a new technique, new designs, fills, and more. Keeping up with the latest trends will help you stay relevant and get new clients. As you further your nail education, you will also be reminded of the things that you once learned but may have forgotten. Don’t be afraid to network with nail techs that you work with or that are in the same area as you. You can learn from other nail techs and also share your experience and expertise with them.

Have Nail Tech Insurance

What separates good nail techs from great nail techs is having insurance. As a trained professional, you don’t plan on accidents happening. However, no matter how much training you have done, there is still the chance that an accident could occur. When this happens, you’ll be grateful that you have nail tech insurance. Some common risks include infection from tools, slip and fall accidents on company property, and allergies.

Having insurance provides a financial safety net so your business or its assets won’t be hurt if an accident happens. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance offers nail tech insurance starting at the affordable price of $9.99/month or $96 per year. You can purchase the coverage you need so you can do what you love with peace of mind. Learn more about BBI’s coverage here.

Work Hard

As with any other profession, put in the work and you will see results! We hope that these nail technician tips for beginners have been helpful for you. Maintain relationships with clients, use social media to advertise your business, never stop learning, and get insured. Being a great nail technician requires extra effort and time on your part, but it will pay off in the long run.

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