Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Your Policy

How does program insurance work?

By purchasing through the BBI Program, you save money on insurance premiums because you are part of a risk purchasing group (an RPG). An RPG is a legal entity that allows groups or persons with similar liability risks to take advantage of a joint insurance purchase. An RPG is not an insurance company, and there is no additional risk assumed by the RPG members. The RPG allows the group to gather purchasing power to obtain insurance at a significant cost savings. You don't share coverage limits with the rest of the group, just savings on your premium.

Policyholders must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. For example, if your state requires you to have a license before practicing, you must have that license in order for the policy to be valid.

You can find a list of the practices, techniques, and methods the BBI policy does not cover here..

Your insurance coverage is provided through the Great American Alliance Insurance Company, an A+ rated carrier.

It covers bodily injury, property damage, and personal & advertising injury claims (to which the policy applies) that you become legally liable to pay to the third party due to your negligence.

The professional liability policy will pay damages and claim expenses arising out of any negligent act, error, or omission in rendering or failure to render professional services.

If you purchased a professional liability policy in the past, and that policy has continually remained in force without a lapse in coverage, a retro-date should appear on your professional liability policy. This date represents the beginning of your professional liability coverage and may be several years in the past. It is important to keep the retro-dates from one policy to the next the same. Any claims on a loss or injury that took place prior to the retro-date will not be covered under the policy.

If you have not purchased professional liability coverage in the past, or if you had a lapse in your professional liability coverage, your effective date and retro-date may be the same.

If you enter into a rental or lease agreement to occupy a premises for seven or more days, we will provide coverage to that premises for damages (by a fire only) up to the limit shown on the certificate of insurance.

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Purchasing Your Policy Online

Making a Claim


On a Claims-Made policy, the claim or incident must occur during the policy period and be reported to us during the policy period or extended reporting period. The BBI policy is a claims-made policy.

Renewing Your Policy