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BBI’s Customer Service

We get it. Calling your insurance provider isn’t something most people are looking forward to. Maybe you need to file a claim to cover the loss of a crucial piece of equipment, or maybe you’re planning on offering a new service and you need to know what your policy will cover, or maybe you just need some help finding the right form on your account.

Whatever the reason, our best-in-class customer service representatives know that every call is crucial when it comes to running a business, and we’re here to help. No robots, no run-around, just a person on the other end of the phone working hard to get you the answers you need.

Who are BBI’s Customer Service Representatives and What Do They Do?

At BBI, our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs for short) are all licensed insurance agents. This means we’ve studied and passed a state-sanctioned test that says we know enough about insurance to give you sound guidance about your policy.

We Can Help You With Things Like:

A successful CSR interaction starts with a friendly, personalized greeting, after which we get to the bottom of the reason for your call. We’ll walk you through any of our online processes, go over the letter of your policy, and get answers for your questions—even if we have to call our insurance carrier or someone else to get them.

It ends when you’ve got the answer you need and a clear understanding of how it impacts your business.

image of csr Chris

Chris Graham and his team are always ready to help answer your questions. Sweater and sunglasses not always included. 

What Issues Can We NOT Help With?

In order to avoid frustration and get you the best help possible, it’s also important to know what we can’t help with—even if we would like to.

image of a lawyer signing documents
Our CSRs are NOT:
  • Lawyers: We can’t give you advice about how to set up your business, how to handle any lawsuits, or the best financial options for your business.
  • Claims adjusters: If you need to file a claim, a claims adjuster is responsible for investigating the facts of your case and ultimately deciding if you are entitled to compensation based on your circumstances. Claims adjusters work for our insurance carrier. Our only interaction with a claims adjuster is to pass on your policy information. We can’t talk to you about the status of your claim, whether we think you are entitled to compensation, or whether your claim will be approved.
  • Underwriters: Underwriters also work for our insurance carrier, and they decide how much risk our carrier is willing to accept from our clients. Basically, they decide the scope of what will be included in the policy before it can be purchased. We work with underwriters to create policies and package them for sale through BBI.
  • Salesmen: Our CSRs don’t receive any commission on our products. We will never push you to buy something that doesn’t directly benefit your business.
  • Robots: That’s right, no robo-voices or AI call assistants here! You trust BBI because there are actual humans ready to help you figure out what’s best for your clients, your business and yourself.

But because we’re human, sometimes that means our answers aren’t always automatic. We take time to research your questions thoroughly and find the resources you need. Since every claim is different, we might take some time to get back to you, in which case we appreciate your patience as we work hard on your behalf!

Everyone says they have great customer service, we can prove it.

1 %

Our customer service program boasts a 94 Customer Satisfaction Score.

Our closest competitor’s score? A 74.

All this is just to say that, when you call BBI you’re receiving the best support in the industry by far. Just listen to what a few of our clients had to say about their experience:

Need Some Help? We’re Always Ready

Our CSR team is available for online chat 24/7, every day of the week, and by phone Monday–Friday, 6 am–6 pm MST. Just call us at 877-536-7290 or email us at and we’ll get you the help you need. Guaranteed.

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