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Why Esthetician Insurance Is the Best Way to Protect Your Business

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Estheticians face a number of unique risks on the job. Whether you’ve been working as an esthetician for years, or are just getting started, you can’t hope to avoid the possibility that something will go wrong during a treatment. The best way to protect yourself from those risks is to purchase esthetician insurance.

A client could trip and fall in your treatment room, get burned by wax, or have an adverse reaction to a chemical used during a facial. If this happens, you could be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. The costs associated with these suits are steep; however, if you’ve protected yourself with esthetician insurance, you may not have to pay a cent of it.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs esthetician insurance:

1. Esthetician Insurance Can Protect You From a Lawsuit

The unfortunate reality of working as an esthetician is that your work puts you at risk of having a lawsuit filed against you. Estheticians have been sued for a number of different accidents that have happened on the job. Adverse reactions to facial dermabrasion, chemical peels burns, and equipment malfunctions resulting in client injury can all spur lawsuits.

If you are found liable or you end up settling your case, the associated costs can be debilitating to your business. Estheticians can end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars after losing a case. Even if you aren’t found liable, the attorney fees needed to defend yourself can quickly become extreme—some attorneys charge $400 per hour to retain their services.

If you have esthetician insurance, however, these costs can be covered, allowing you to stick to your business.

2. Esthetician Insurance Can Help Protect Your Equipment

With an esthetician insurance policy from BBI, you’ll have the option of adding what’s known as inland marine insurance—essentially, insurance for your equipment. You work with a number of damageable products that often don’t come cheap. Insurance can help you with the replacement of these products if they get damaged or stolen.

For example, a chair or table that a client is on could break. Not only are you at risk of an injury lawsuit from the client, but you’re also now in need of a new table. Esthetician insurance can help you in both cases.

3. Esthetician Insurance Pegs You As a Pro

You’ve put in the work to become a qualified esthetician, so you should be able to reap the benefits of that work. Being able to display in your place of business or on your website that you’re insured can go a long way in establishing a professional image as you present yourself to clients. Just as your educational or training qualifications set you apart as a pro, you being insured will convey this same image. On top of that, once you’re insured, make sure to ask about getting a badge for your site to let all of your visitors know you’re insured.

Get Insured Today!

BBI can provide you with robust coverage for your business. Best of all, you can get it online in 10 minutes or less. With policies starting at just $96/year, you can get esthetician insurance for your business right now.

You’ve worked too hard to leave your business susceptible to an accident or lawsuit. You owe it to yourself to get protected today.

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