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7 Tips for Elevating Your Esthetician Instagram Account

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Female esthetician wearing a towel on her hair applies moisturizer to her cheek while filming with a smartphone.

Last updated on June 7, 2024.

POV: You’re about to level up your esthetician Instagram account.

There are 9.4 million posts with the hashtag “#esthetician” on Instagram. How can you possibly stand out in the saturated skincare world online?

It takes a little bit of strategy, a little bit of magic (i.e. your authentic sparkle), and a whole lot of consistency. Follow these tips and you’ll be seeing your follower count grow.

Welcome to “Social Media Marketing for Estheticians 101, Chapter One: Instagram.”

Create High-Quality Content

You already know Instagram users want compelling content. Think about how quickly you move on to the next post if you’re not immediately hooked.

Avoid the dreaded scroll-away by uploading high-quality stuff that resonates with your followers and soon-to-be followers.

Here are some esthetician content ideas we love:

  • Before-and-Afters
  • Client Testimonials/Features
  • Behind the Scenes (BTS)
  • Bitesize Skincare Lessons
  • Product Recommendations
  • Menu Service Series
  • Memes
  • Infographic Carousels
  • Social Media Trends
  • Get to Know Me
  • A Day in the Life
  • Live Q-&-As
  • Skincare by Budget
  • Get Ready With Me

Quick Tip: Social media trends move fast. If you notice multiple accounts on your Explore page posting the same concept or using the same audio snippet, don’t wait to get in on it! If you can spin the trend to be relevant to your skincare biz, try to upload your version within three days.

Utilize Instagram Features

Instagram has a bevy of features designed to help you connect with your audience. Make use of the platform by taking an omni-feature approach and staying top of mind (or, top of feed!) for the people interacting with your account.

Remember that Instagram constantly updates its app, so be on the lookout for new features that may become available to you, like Notes and Broadcast Channels.

Here are Instagram’s main features that are key for reaching your fellow skincare enthusiasts.

Business Profile

If you haven’t already switched your account to a business profile, you need to get on that already! Having a business account gives you an extra edge in growing your brand and attracting new clients.

Plus, it’s a free and quick process to switch—just a few clicks.

Some business account-exclusive features include:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Promoted posts
  • Contact buttons
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Post-scheduling via third-party apps
  • Swipe-up feature in Stories for accounts with 10,000+ followers

Quick Tip: The Insights feature will be your new best friend. Check often to see who’s looking at your content and what types of content they interact with the most.


The original format for sharing on this visual-first platform, posts are great for maintaining an engaging Instagram grid.

Think of this as an avenue for all of your static images, infographics, or text-heavy promo announcements—basically anything more formal than you’d include in a Story or anything not quite suited for Reels.

Here are some esthetician Instagram post ideas we love:

  • Carousel of progress photos showing your client’s skin glow-up
  • Infographic of seasonal product swap recommendations
  • Re-introduction to let your new followers know more about you
  • Motivational quotes related to wellness and self-care

Quick Tip: Consider choosing a color palette and a standard font for a cohesive look. The more recognizable your brand, the better the chances someone clicks “follow” after seeing your valuable content again and again.


Stories are a fun, easy way to keep your community close.

When you post a Story, that pink ombre circle around your profile picture is like a 24-hour-long reminder that you exist! So, it’s a good idea to post Stories often.

Here are a few Story ideas for your esthetician Instagram:

  • Your personal morning skincare routine
  • Behind-the-scenes look at appointment prep
  • Exclusive discounts uncovered via the Reveal sticker
  • “Ask me a question”: answer your followers’ questions about skincare

Quick Tip: Organize your Stories into Highlights so they live on your profile for new visitors to browse easily.


Did you know 2.3 billion people interact with Reels every month? These addictive vertical videos are perfectly scrollable and immerse the viewer in your content. With intuitive editing tools, like voiceover, auto captions, and suggested trending audio, creating your next hit Reel is easier than you think.

Here are some content ideas for Reels you can try:

  • Show real results of clients’ skin using the green screen feature while you explain what treatments were applied
  • Do a montage of your day-to-day routine to give viewers an idea of what you do as an esthetician
  • Create a time-lapse demonstrating a full-service treatment on a client from start to finish
  • Film a “get unready with me” routine showing what skincare products you use in the evening
  • Try out a funny social media trend — even if it has nothing to do with your business — viewers love to see your personality!

Quick Tip: Remix a popular Reel you find after searching “esthetician” and offer your unique take on the subject matter. This increases your engagement, and you can demonstrate why you’re an expert in your field!


Boosting is a simplified way to turn any of your posts into an ad. This gives it increased visibility across feeds or Explore pages of users who don’t follow you yet but might be interested in your content.

More eyes on your account, more potential clients!

To boost a post, follow these steps:

  1. Select a post to boost.
  2. Tap the “Boost Post” button.
  3. Choose your goal (i.e. more profile visits, more direct messages)
  4. Define your audience.
  5. Set your budget and duration.
  6. Review and boost.

Quick Tip: Keep an eye on your boosted post’s performance metrics. If your content seems to be resonating well with your target audience, let that inform your marketing strategy moving forward.

Optimize Your Bio

Take a look at your current bio. If it doesn’t have any esthetician-related keywords or a call to action (CTA), this is your sign to hold a bio intervention, stat.

Your bio should make a positive, crystal-clear first impression to future clients, so make it count.

Here are a few tips for an effective esthetician bio for Instagram:

  • Include keywords related to your services (“licensed esthetician” or “skincare expert”)
  • Encourage users to take action with a CTA (“book your glow-up” or “visit my site”)
  • Add your contact info (so easy, now that you have a business account!)
  • Use a link-in-bio tool that leads to your website or other social accounts
  • Don’t go overboard with the emojis
  • Show off what makes you unique

Need some inspiration? Check out these esthetician bio samples for ideas.

Samples of three optimized Instagram bios.
We love the optimized bios of @mochamayaesthetics, @miracletheesti, and @the.master.aesthetician!

Engage With Your Audience

Instagram is all about connection. If you’re trying to grow your account, it’s essential to engage with your followers. After all, your success on this platform hinges on their willingness to like and share your posts.

Show how much you appreciate them by:

  • Responding to comments and DMs
  • Running giveaways for skincare products or services
  • Asking them what kind of content they want to see from you via Story Polls
  • Encouraging them to share their skin stories via “Add Yours” on Stories
  • Featuring your loyal clients on your account with their permission
Esthetician wearing a white robe checking her jawline while looking into a black smartphone.

Post Regularly

You’re busy helping clients achieve their best skin yet. It’s easy to let your Instagram account fall by the wayside, but you must put effort into posting regularly. Hydrafacials, chemical peels, social media marketing—it’s all part of your job as an esthetician!

The ever-mysterious algorithm does favor consistency, so consider creating a calendar to help you stay on track. Use scheduling tools so you never miss a post on hectic appointment days.

Quick Tip: Batch your content. Pick one day in the week to film multiple Reels and write captions in advance. This ensures that your content is ready to go—no last-minute stressing!

Collaborate With Other Accounts

Tap into the beauty community for support. You can partner with local businesses, influencers, and fellow estheticians to create share-worthy content.

When you post using the Collab feature on Instagram, your content shows up in the feeds of both parties’ followers, which increases reach and engagement. That’s a win-win.

Here are some collaboration ideas to try:

  • Start a guest series where you feature beauty professionals every month
  • Team up with a local spa to host a joint giveaway
  • Co-host Instagram Lives with other experts to discuss skincare topics

Be Authentic

And the number-one tip for elevating your esthetician Instagram account? Be you.

In this digital age of filters and facades, viewers crave authenticity. So, show off your personality in every snap, caption, and video. By being yourself, you attract followers who genuinely resonate with your brand and are more likely to convert into loyal clients.

Focus on telling your story, showing real unfiltered skin, and being transparent about the outcomes of your treatments. Your authenticity on Instagram will go a long way.

Quick Tip: Being a small business owner is hard. It’s OK to share struggles on social media; it shows that there’s a real human behind the account.

Good Luck!

Implement these esthetician marketing tips today and get on your way to finding your Instagram community. If you’re still in a reading mood, check out these blog posts: Already slaying your Instagram game? Maybe it’s time to protect all that hard work. Get covered with Beauty & Bodywork Insurance.

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