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How to Become an Esthetician

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If you’re passionate about skincare and helping others, you may have considered becoming an esthetician. Estheticians specialize in the beautification of the skin—including facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, spray tans, waxing, and more.

Becoming an esthetician is no easy task, but it is very rewarding and worth the time and effort. There are several steps you’ll need to take to become a licensed esthetician, so today we’ll walk you through those steps so you can get started with achieving your goals and become a professional esthetician!

Select a School

This first step will require a lot of research on your end. Each state has different requirements for licensed estheticians, so you’ll need to look into those state-specific requirements. Curriculum varies by school and location, so make sure you look for cosmetology schools in your area that have the training you’re interested in. Perhaps you want your main focus to be eyebrows and eyelashes, or maybe you’d prefer to be trained in facials and chemical peels.

You can visit the Beauty Schools Directory esthetician hub to learn about schools near you, the cost of programs, accreditation, exam prep, and more.

Complete Your Training and Exams

Once you’ve chosen a school to attend, you’ll have to complete a certain amount of training hours, which also depends on the location of your school. However, the average amount of hours a school will require is about 600 hours. These hours will consist of your school courses and hands-on practice.

At the end of your training, you will be required to pass certain exams so you can prove your knowledge and experience and that you’re ready to be a professional in the esthetics field. The main exam you’ll need to focus on passing is the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) exam. This exam has two sections—a hands-on section and a written section. If the state you are in does not require this exam, there will be a different exam you will be required to take in order to become licensed.

Cosmetology License vs Esthetician License

To become a licensed esthetician, you will likely need to attend a cosmetology school (or do an esthetician apprenticeship), but that does not mean you are a licensed cosmetologist. Since you will be participating in an esthetician program, you will be fully licensed to perform esthetician services.

Purchase Esthetician Insurance

When you have passed your exams and are a licensed esthetician, you are ready to get insured! 

Having insurance helps protect you against liability risks. If you are unaware of a client’s allergies and she reacts to a cream you used, you can be held liable to pay for any lawsuit costs or medical bills. In this case, you’ll be grateful you have esthetician insurance. Purchase insurance today so you can do what you love with peace of mind.

Enjoy Your Work

After hundreds of hours of training and months of hard work, you’re ready to start working and build your clientele! Remember your passion for esthetics and why you wanted to get started with it in the first place. We wish you the best of luck with all your career endeavors.

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