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5 Esthetician Tips & Tricks To Try

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Feeling like you need a reboot after the last couple of crazy years? Sometimes it is best to dust off the old hat and try a few simple tips and tricks to get you back on track with your business. Esthetics is all about health and beautification of our external selves, focused on our skin. So what can we do to help give new health and beauty to your internal everyday business practices?

Follow along for these great tips to put new pep in your daily routines again!

1. Revamp Your Consultations

Consultations are a critical part of each appointment. Even if they are a returning or regular client for you, talking with them will help you make the most out of each appointment. Find a new way to start those appointments by asking, “What are your concerns with your skin?” This will open the doors to talk about recent changes or issues from previous appointments. Maybe your client started a new, at-home remedy and wants your input! Be present and helpful. This is a great time to offer them your professional esthetician skin care tips.

Don’t forget to touch on allergies or sensitivities if they are a new client. Talk with them about how to care for their skin between each appointment. Create your own unique postcard or give them a printed form of this PDF as a great reminder for their bathroom mirror. If you can add your contact and branding on the printout, you can also always be top of mind when they are thinking it’s time to do a little self-care themselves!

Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin by BBI

2. Use Your Time Wiser

Do you have a free day without appointments? Don’t waste it sitting at home or scrolling on your phone from the spa—use it to build your education and skills. For many of us, CE credits are required to keep up with our state licensing requirements. Use your down days for this education so you aren’t rushing last minute to complete this esthetician requirement!

PRO TIP: Did you know that Beauty & Bodywork Insurance customers get discounts on CE credits from their customer dashboard? Find out what your insurance or associations provide you!

If your day is packed with appointments, there are still ways to make better use of your time! Instead of mindlessly scrolling your social media while clients are processing, go above and beyond to offer them a hand or foot massage. Keep your hands busy, but stay engaged with your clients! Or find those moments to clean and organize your space! Taking the time to do little housekeeping items can help you stay organized and refreshed. Nobody likes to work in a messy environment.

The best tip we could offer for making the most of each day is to start using a calendar and organizing your time. This will help you so you don’t miss appointments, you can regularly touch base with clients that are running late, and it will help you feel refreshed. Digital or printed calendars will be helpful if you can just remember to use them. If you choose to go the digital route, because it is always with you, remember to set reminders to pop up and keep you on track. If you use a written or physical calendar, make sure it is with you during your workday! This will go a long way in helping you feel organized and allow you to make better use of your day!

3. Make Helpful Recommendations

One way for you to get a reboot on your feelings about your job is to shake up your routine and that can mean your products too! There are so many great brands popping up with new products you haven’t tried yet—maybe you heard a customer is trying out a new mask or someone wanted your thoughts on a new ingredient. Refresh your knowledge by sampling and using new products—this will also help you give fresh new feedback to your clients during their appointment. They really do value your professional esthetician skin care tips!

We all love that friend who can give us reviews on something before we spend the money to try it! You can and should do that for your clients! Provide them sample sizes of new products you are using or recommending during their appointment. But realistically, they will also probably pick up products while they are out shopping too!

Make sure to do your best to educate your clients on what they can use, should use, and what to avoid! You know their skin and can give esthetician tips to help make budget-appropriate suggestions for products they can buy. One great way to get personal with them is a “use this, not that” slide deck. Help them find the right brands and ingredients to make their skin glow!

4. Change Your Marketing Strategy

Alright, it’s time we said it—It’s time to shake up your marketing strategy and embrace our online world! It can be scary with so many trolls out there looking to give bad reviews or leave unkind comments on every post, but this is a chance for you to truly shine and provide a service! If this is something you already regularly do, one great way to reset is to change up your messaging, brand colors for the season, or try a new content type!

Go above and beyond by offering a social media account full of tips and tricks! Did you see something someone did—you can make your own version! Visit a beauty store and show a haul of “Must Have Skin Care under $20”. These personal touches build up trust and encourage people to engage with your brand.

Don’t want to be on camera? Talk with your customers about allowing discreet before and after pictures from their appointments. You know best what your audience is interested in, so build on that! There are so many fun ways to reach customers in this digital world—get creative or start out simple! Either way, being present is one of the very first steps.

5. Go The Extra Mile

This one might seem obvious: your clients come to you to be pampered! So what can you do to go that extra mile and offer something they hadn’t thought of? Might we suggest reaching out to your wholesale ordering company to find out what discounts you can get with a volume order? The shopping and ordering are fun tasks for you while the surprise gift is fun for your clients! This gives everyone a new perspective on your business.

Offer samples in a swag bag as a way to give them a chance to explore recommended brands or products. Or find a fun unique treat that they can take on their way out. Have a favorite recipe for a quick hand cream or healthy smoothie? Get a recipe card printed up. Offering this little free gift with each appointment builds good feelings between you and your customers with that added personal touch. Hopefully, it will also be reflected in their reviews of you and your business online!

Thanks for reading!

We hope you have found a few ideas in these esthetician tips and tricks that will revitalize your business and excitement for what you do! Remember that little changes can be good to keep you feeling fresh at work. Keep up the great work! Your clients love you and trust you, so find ways to give a little bit more to your business without burning yourself out!

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