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8 Things Massage Therapists Need in 2021

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As we’re already well into the year, massage therapists must prepare to have a successful year in 2021. Small changes and simple additions, such as obtaining massage therapy insurance, can significantly impact your massage therapy room, your client’s ability to relax and your happiness in your profession.

We’re here to help! BBI has compiled a list of eight things all massage therapists should have in 2021.

  1. Portable Massage Table

Having a portable massage table helps you take your business wherever you’d like to work. If you have the correct licensing and insurance, you can even take your portable massage table with you to your clients’ homes. This is especially helpful today because many people choose not to go to as many public places because of the coronavirus. Take your business to the next level and invest in a portable massage table to give you more flexibility and perform your massage work wherever you’d like. Also, the Beauty and Bodywork insurance policy insures you wherever you perform your business operations, so you can have peace of mind no matter where you provide your services.

  1. Foot Balm

Creams that are made specifically for feet are becoming more and more popular. Foot balms made with essential oils help clients’ feet feel more relaxed and soft. Rub this cream into the heels for an even better effect on those cracked heels. Having a foot balm in your office is a nice added perk for your clients.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has endless benefits. It can help you breathe easier, soothe cold sores, disinfect wounds, keep bugs away, but most importantly for you, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Inhaling eucalyptus oil with steam can help with respiratory issues like sinus infections and chest congestions. Another main benefit of eucalyptus oil is that it improves blood circulation throughout the body. Clients will appreciate the health benefits this oil provides while getting their massage.

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Clients who visit your massage studio are seeking respite from their hectic schedules. One way to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere is to purchase an essential oil diffuser.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our sense of smell is the ultimate factor in our response to essential oils. As we breathe the vapor exhausted from the diffuser, the plant-based oils stimulate smell receptors in the nose. The receptors then send chemical messages through the central nervous system to the brain’s limbic system. This system directly affects our moods and emotions. Massage therapists can utilize this tool to create a peaceful atmosphere for their clients.

  1. New Storage Container

We’ve all been told less is more. Purchasing a new storage container can help you reduce or contain clutter, and it can help create a more open and clean atmosphere in your massage studio. Placing items in attractive cubbies or on a roller storage container can help create a more cohesive space.

As a rule of thumb, having too many items in sight can send a negative message to your clients. It may appear to clients that you are overwhelmed, cluttered and unprofessional. While the massage is the main focus, compliment your service with a clean space.

  1. Massage Roller Stick

Having a massage roller stick available to your clients isa game changer. You can put a massage roller stick in your waiting room, so that your clients can roll out any knots in their legs while they wait. You can also use it in your massage room to increase circulation, reduce pain, and break down soft tissue adhesion. Having this in your office is sure to give you a competitive edge.

  1. Massage Table Warmers

Massage table warmers have been around for some time, but they are always appreciated by clients. It’s much more comfortable for your client to be welcomed by an already warm massage table, versus a cold table. Having the table already warm is a great way for your client to feel immediately relaxed. These massage table warmers will help you do your work more efficiently, because when your client is at a warm temperature, blood flow increases and it’s easier for you to reach their deep tissue.

  1. Massage Therapy Insurance

Licensed massage therapists who haven’t obtained protection from a massage therapy insurance policy are exposing themselves to steep out-of-pocket costs. Here at BBI, we believe in providing “A+ Rated” coverage with our quote-to-certificate process handled completely online.

BBI has two massage therapy insurance policies to choose from:

  • $9.99/month or $96/year for professional massage therapists

Most clients find they can complete their purchase within 10 minutes or less. Seconds after your transaction, you can also login to your customer dashboard and have access to all of your policy documents.

To obtain quality coverage in minutes and peace of mind while you work this New Year, purchase your massage therapy insurance today!

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Get Covered With

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