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The Ultimate Guide to Esthetician Insurance

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Estheticians have an exciting and rewarding career. Whether you work at a salon, rent a space, or work out of your home, helping people look and feel their best is your passion. No matter where you work or the training you have done, as an esthetician, you will still face risks each day.

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance not only insures beauty professionals, but we also provide resources, like this guide to esthetician insurance, so you can work with peace of mind and do your best work! Today we’ll talk about common risks you face, BBI policy details, and how to get insured.

Common Esthetician Risks

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides coverage for facials, wax hair removal, microdermabrasion, and spray tanning in its esthetician insurance policies. Most claims associated with these services are related to allergies and burns. For example, your client could be allergic to the ingredients in a chemical peel that they didn’t know about. You can be held liable for causing harm to your client or their skin. A common claim associated with wax hair removal is accidental skin damage or burns when the wax is too hot.

Without insurance, you would have to pay for these expenses on your own. You could end up having to pay thousands of dollars from lawsuits, medical bills, and other claims that you’re liable for. Having insurance is the smart thing to do so you can work with confidence knowing that if an accident ever happens, you have the right coverage in place. Learn more about risks estheticians make and how you can avoid them.

General Liability vs. Professional Liability Insurance

There are two types of insurance that you’ll need as an esthetician—general liability and professional liability. Let us explain the differences.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, or completed operations. It may also provide coverage for personal and advertising injury claims.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, is designed to protect you from claims that a professional service you provided resulted in physical or financial harm to a client.

Esthetician Insurance from BBI

As an esthetician, you have a lot on your mind—from getting and maintaining clients, to advertising your business, and having supplies on hand. Insurance is likely the last thing on your mind. Because of this, Beauty and Bodywork Insurance has made it simple for you and provides affordable, quality insurance for tens of thousands of beauty professionals nationwide, including estheticians just like you.

BBI’s esthetician insurance policy entails the following:

General and Professional Liability ($3,000,000)

Under an esthetician insurance policy, general liability can protect your business or salon from paying for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. Common claims include slip and fall accidents and accidental damage done to a place of business or a client’s personal property. If a client slips while on your company’s property and sprains their ankle, you can be held liable for this accident.

Products and Completed Operations ($3,000,000)

This part of the policy covers liability arising out of the insured’s business operations conducted away from the insured’s premises, once those operations have been completed or abandoned.

Personal and Advertising Injury (Included)

Personal injury includes malicious prosecution; wrongful eviction; slander; libel; and invasion of privacy. Advertising injury insures offenses in connection with advertising of goods or services as well as libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement.

Damage to Premises Rented to You ($300,000)

If you run your esthetics business out of a rented space or a salon requires you to have independent insurance, you need insurance that protects you from paying for damages you may cause to that space.

Additional Insureds

Most of the time, a salon may require that you add them to your policy as an additional insured. You can add additional insureds when filling out your insurance application, or any time afterwards. Additional insureds receive protection from a potential claim that might arise because of your esthetics business-related actions. One additional insured costs $15, and an unlimited amount costs $30.

Optional Endorsements Available

BBI offers a base policy with standard coverage, but we also offer optional endorsements that can be added to your base policy. Some of the available endorsements include fitness training, acupuncture with needles, cupping, micro-current, and more. You can also purchase tools and equipment coverage to protect your supplies. All of this information is available on the application.

Application Information

Instead of requesting an insurance quote and having to wait to hear back about a price, or dealing with pushy insurance agents, you can fill out an application online in less than 10 minutes. Simply provide your personal and business information, claim history, and any endorsements you’d like to add. Esthetician insurance from BBI costs $96 per year, which can be automatically renewed annually.

Good Luck with Your Esthetics Career!

We hope this guide to esthetician insurance has been helpful for you. For any questions regarding policy details, feel free to contact our licensed insurance agents. If you ever need to file a claim, it’s quick and easy. For more information view our detailed how to file a claim page. We wish you the best of luck with your esthetics career.

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