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What Does an Esthetician Do?

esthetician applying white mask to clients face

Skin-esteem is self-esteem! 60% say their skin impacts their self-esteem, and 58% say that bad skin has caused them social anxiety in the past, according to a Mederma study. This is where finding a great esthetician can make all the difference. Estheticians are to skincare what hairdressers are for your hair—knowledgeable professionals dedicated to helping […]

5 Esthetician Tips & Tricks To Try

tools for estheticians

Feeling like you need a reboot after the last couple of crazy years? Sometimes it is best to dust off the old hat and try a few simple tips and tricks to get you back on track with your business. Esthetics is all about health and beautification of our external selves, focused on our skin. […]

How to Become an Esthetician

woman getting a facial treatment from esthetician

If you’re passionate about skincare and helping others, you may have considered becoming an esthetician. Estheticians specialize in the beautification of the skin—including facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, spray tans, waxing, and more. Becoming an esthetician is no easy task, but it is very rewarding and worth the time and effort. There are several steps you’ll […]

5 Professional Habits That Will Improve Your Esthetician Business

esthetician placing both hands on clients forehead during treatment

Being in the beauty industry is fun and exciting. Your days are busy and you meet new people often. Sometimes it can require a lot of effort on your part to always remain professional, especially if you’ve had a frustrating or long day. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we provide estheticians with insurance and also […]

How to Avoid Risks That Estheticians Face

esthetician placing false eyelashes

Being an esthetician is a very exciting job. You get to help your clients feel beautiful, develop friendships with them, and do what you love. However, there are some risks involved with being a professional esthetician. Today we want to cover the most common claims and how you can overcome them, so that you don’t […]

Why Esthetician Insurance Is the Best Way to Protect Your Business

woman at spa with a grey face mask on

Estheticians face a number of unique risks on the job. Whether you’ve been working as an esthetician for years, or are just getting started, you can’t hope to avoid the possibility that something will go wrong during a treatment. The best way to protect yourself from those risks is to purchase esthetician insurance. A client […]

How To Be More Successful in Your Esthetic Career

woman getting a facial from an esthetician

Are you an esthetician looking to attract new clients? Here at Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) we do more than offer esthetician insurance. We have compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help you attract new clients. These include developing a sensational referral program that reaches out to future clients, showcasing an optimized portfolio, […]

What Estheticians Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions Insurance

eye lash extensions being applied

If you offer eyelash extension services, you need eyelash extensions liability insurance. While eyelash extensions are generally considered safe, there are some safety concerns and accidents can happen anytime. If your client is injured, you could be held liable for their damages. Eyelash extension Coverage includes: General Liability Professional Liability Business Personal Property Eyelash Extensions […]

Estheticians Give the Gift of Great Skin—Get Ideas for Gifts They’ll Love

red gift with a white bow

As an esthetician, you’ve worked hard all year to make sure your clients look beautiful. You definitely deserve to be put on Santa’s nice list. And it would nice if your clients would help the big fella out. And while we don’t recommend dropping hints (it might seem passive-aggressive), if a client happens to ask […]