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What Cosmetologists Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Insurance

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Teeth whitening technicians are trained to help their clients improve their smile through cosmetic teeth bleaching. Transforming someone’s smile gives them more confidence and helps them feel better about themselves, so teeth whitening technicians feel great satisfaction from their job.

You wouldn’t whiten someone’s teeth without peroxide, so why would you work without insurance? Teeth whitening is included in a Beauty and Bodywork cosmetology insurance policy. We’ll share with you what’s covered in a BBI policy, some common risks associated with teeth whitening, and how you can get coverage.

What’s Included in the Policy?

The cosmetology insurance from BBI covers a wide range of your services, including these three specific things you might not have known about—eyelash extensions, makeup artists, and teeth whitening. BBI covers teeth whitening with UV light, bleach trays, peroxide, and treatments involving gel. The UV light produces blue light to increase the teeth whitening process without radiating any heat to the teeth, and typically shows results within 24 hours.

Teeth whitening bleach trays are also another great option, but they may take a little more time to whiten the teeth than the UV light. It’s common to see results from a bleach tray in about a week, but sometimes 2–4 weeks. Both of these methods are covered in a BBI cosmetology policy.

Common Teeth Whitening Claims

Although you’re a trained teeth whitening technician, there are still some risks associated with this profession that you’ll need to do your best to avoid. Knowing these risks ahead of time will help you be prepared for when unplanned accidents occur.

One of the most common claims is making a client’s teeth sensitive. Bleach trays filled with gel can make their teeth sensitive and too much gel or too strong of gel can cause problems. You’ll also need to make sure that you ask your client if they have any allergies that you should be aware of.

You also could be held liable if any of your products stain or damage their teeth where you’re working. If your client slips and falls on company property, you can be held liable to pay for any medical expenses. Any accident that is caused by you or your business operations is your responsibility, which is where teeth whitening insurance coverage can come in handy. Check out this blog to see how cosmetologists and other beauty professionals can avoid common claims.

How to Get Insured

Getting teeth whitening insurance is easy. Fill out an online application on the BBI site in 10 minutes or less. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance has Cosmetology Insurance available starting at $9.99/month or $96 per year. This is a small price to pay to protect your business and to have a financial safety net in place should an accident occur. You can read more about the specific details of a Beauty and Bodywork Insurance policy here.

If you have any questions about cosmetology insurance and its limits and exclusions, feel free to reach out to our licensed insurance agents. We wish you the best of luck with your cosmetology career!

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