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Stuck on How to Market Yourself on Instagram? 5 Ways to Improve Your Esthetician Instagram Feed

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Did you know there are more than 1.7 million Instagram mentions for the #esthetician hashtag? The beauty of Instagram for professionals is that you can showcase your work to current and potential customers. However, in order to stand out from the competition and increase your account following, try implementing the following tactics to your current social media plan.

1. Turn Your Instagram Account Into A Business Profile

With an Instagram business profile, you have access to post analytics where you can track how your posts are performing. This tool can help you decide the ideal days and times to post content or announcements. When you post at the right times, you can reach more people and receive more engagement on your content. According to, switching to a business profile will also increase your chances of views and engagements on your posts.

2. Create a Posting Series

Add value to your account and give your followers a reason to stick around by creating various post themes. This tactic adds variety to your feed and gives followers something to look forward to.

Ideas we like:

  • Create a skincare series

    This can be tips and tricks on how to take care of skin. You might even feature some skin care products that you use for yourself. Consider posting a tutorial video of your skincare process.

  • Create a skin treatment series

    From hydrafacials to chemical peels, you can inform your audience and showcase your skills at the same time.

  • Debunk common skin care myths

    Use this as an opportunity to inform your audience on common skin care myths you may have come across in the field.

  • Feature your clients

    With your client’s permission, ask if you can feature them on your page. You can post about their treatment, benefits, cost, and contact information to schedule an appointment.

3. Advertise With Influencers

Drive traffic to your profile with influencers. If you don’t want to break the bank with paid social posts on an influencer’s profile, you can always opt for a win-win incentive.

For example, you can offer a free treatment for the influencer, and give them a referral code for their followers. For each follower that mentions the referral code at the time of service, the influencer would receive a small percentage of the sale. Here are a few great influencer marketing strategies from

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are discoverable to people who aren’t currently following you…yet! A story lasts for 24 hours and by using the hashtag feature within stories, you are able to reach new people and increase your following. The best part is that you can save your stories as a highlight on your profile for new visitors to check out. Learn how to take advantage of Instagram stories.

Ideas we Like

  • Post a step-by-step treatment

    This helps users visualize what to expect from a treatment and you can walk them through the process.

  • Use the Instagram poll feature

    Engage with your followers and ask them what kind of content they want to see from you.

  • Post client reviews

    Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for honest reviews about your services, but remember to ask for permission before posting!

5. Be Yourself And Build Your Brand At The Same Time

Your personality attracts clients. Share snippets of your life on Instagram stories or upload an About Me post. Introduce yourself to your followers and create an authentic connection. You can also build your brand by answering questions on your posts and responding to your direct messages. Be approachable and people will resonate with your authenticity.

What’s the moral of the story? Instagram is full of potential customers. By providing your audience a reason to follow your account and by keeping your followers engaged, you can attract and grow your clientele base. Out of all the estheticians on Instagram and in the market, knowing that a person has decided to follow you is an electric feeling. Own it and build something great.

We hope these tips help your esthetician Instagram page grow with new followers and engagement. Learn the 7 must have marketing strategies for beauty professionals to learn more about marketing your esthetician business.

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