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4 Esthetics Skin Care Trends of 2021

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Being an esthetician is no easy career. You’ve spent hours investing in yourself and your training, finding clients and growing your business, and trying out the best products and treatments for maximum results. When the pandemic initially began last year, you were thrown a huge curveball. You’ve had to learn to navigate your business and learn new trends as a result.

At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we want you to succeed and grow your business. Today we’ll share with you four esthetic trends in the industry from 2021.

Trend #1: Maskne Treatments

With the pandemic, the majority of the world was required to wear a mask while out in public. This affected some more than others. If you continued to work in an office or another public place, this would’ve looked like wearing a mask for at least eight hours a day. Since a mask sits on your face, it’s going to affect your skin. Breakouts related to masks were on the rise. The term ‘maskne’ was born in 2020 and refers to acne on the skin from wearing masks.

Estheticians have adapted their facials to provide maskne treatments to help their clients heal the skin on their face. New products were developed to help combat this issue. Having maskne treatments has been one of the biggest trends so far this year, and will also bring searches, inquiries, and new customers to your business.

Trend #2: CBD Skin Care

CBD has become increasingly popular in the last few years. CBD provides several benefits to the skin—like regulating oil production, helping reduce inflammation, and hydrating the skin. CBD has been popping up more and more in high end skin care, creams, serums, and gels. The amount of skin care products containing CBD seem to only be growing. Since 2018, CBD has been trending and people have been learning more about it and its added benefits and trying it out for themselves. Continue to watch this trend grow and more and more people use CBD skin care products.

Trend #3: Gua Sha

Gua sha is a trending practice because of many benefits that it provides. While gliding a smooth stone or other smooth-edged tool on the skin with long strokes, your client experiences several benefits from this soothing facial massage technique. This treatment can be used during facials, can help with chronic pain and relieve stress, and relieve headaches and migraines.

Because of the benefits that gua sha provides and its ease of accessibility, gua sha is a growing trend in 2021. Many people have been practicing gua sha at home on their own, but they’re missing out on the added benefits of having a trained esthetician perform the treatment with their expertise and products.

*Note: Beauty and Bodywork Insurance does not cover gua sha or CBD products in its insurance policies.

Trend #4: Sustainability and Transparency

A trend that has been on the rise this year has been focusing on sustainable products, product ingredient transparency, and how products are sourced. There is an increased interest in purchasing ‘green products’ and how individuals can do their part to protect the environment. Not only are customers wanting to see companies clean up the ingredients in their products, but also be more mindful with packaging. People are looking for natural ingredients with minimal packaging, sourced from eco-friendly materials if possible.

Take Care of Your Business

We hope this article was useful in understanding some of the top esthetics trends in 2021. As an esthetician, if you don’t already provide these treatments, consider adding one or two of them to the services that you provide. Offer maskne treatments, try CBD skin care products, incorporate gua sha techniques, and focus on products that are both sustainable and provide transparency.

We wish you the best of luck with your esthetics career!

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