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3 Networking Tips for Beginners: Nail Technician Edition

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Being a nail technician requires a lot of grit and hard work. Whether you do your training as an apprentice for several weeks, or you participate in a nail technician program, you put in a lot of hours and effort to get your certification. Finding clients is typically the next step, which can sometimes be a little difficult.

At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we not only provide nail technician insurance, but we also provide resources for you so you can develop your career and create a sustainable livelihood for yourself. Today we’ll cover some networking tips and tricks, which can also help you get more clients. Networking should be a mutually beneficial relationship between multiple nail technicians.

Join Facebook Groups

One of the easiest things you can do to network with other nail techs and experts in the industry is to join Facebook groups. You can ask any nail-related questions in these groups, get nail art ideas, stay up-to-date on all the nail trends, and receive industry support. Some say these groups “allow professionals to share experiences and insights with like-minded colleagues in what often becomes an all-inclusive community.”

You can join nail tech groups specific to your location, or join general groups. For a list of over 50 different Facebook groups you can join, take a look at this list.

Attend Trade Shows

Believe it or not, there are several different nail tech trade shows you can attend. Attending these trade shows can help you stay caught up with industry news and updates, learn new techniques, meet new people, and participate in classes and training. You can also see new products you can take home that would be beneficial for you and your clients. For a list of nail tech trade shows, classes, and networking events coming up, take a look at this link.

When you’re at a trade show, check out which classes and trainings would be most beneficial for you and your speciality. There is typically a schedule you can take a look at beforehand so you can plan out your time at the trade show and get the most out of it. Take notes during these educational sessions and trainings so you can refer back to them when you get back home. If you can’t afford to attend a trade show, remember there are various local networking opportunities you can participate in.

Learn From Other Nail Techs

With social media, you have a plethora of content to look at as a nail technician. There are hundreds of thousands of pictures of nail art on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. As a nail technician, you know it’s very common for clients to come in with pictures of what they have in mind for you to do. Another networking tip for you is to do some of your own competitive research on social media and see what other nail technicians are posting and the type of nail art they are doing. This will help you know what is popular and trendy and you’ll be able to offer suggestions to your clients as well.

As you look at other nail technician’s pages, you can reach out to them and ask them if you can modify their art on your client’s nails, compliment them on their work, and more. Use this as a networking opportunity to make more friends and connections in the industry. Whether these connections are local or not, this gives you the chance to have another ally you can turn to when you have questions or want to chat about the latest news in the nail industry.

Make Sure You’re Insured

When starting out, make sure you purchase nail tech insurance. This will come in handy should an accident occur. We know you do your best to avoid those accidents from happening, but they can. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides insurance policies for just $96 per year so you can do what you love with peace of mind and have a financial safety net in place. Contact our licensed insurance agents with any questions you have.

We hope you found this article of networking tips and tricks for nail techs insightful. Join Facebook groups to chat with and learn from other nail techs, attend trade shows when you can to further your education, and do competitive research to learn from others and connect with them. We wish you the best of luck with your amazing career!

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