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How to Avoid Being at Risk of Cosmetology Claims

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Cosmetology is a great profession that requires a lot of training and practice. It’s a fun job that brings along its own set of risks. Today we’ll share some real, recent claims from our policyholders, so you can know how to protect yourself from these claims and prepare now.

Check Your Plumbing Often

This may sound like a weird tip, but it would really pay off in the end. The claim sent in said, “Water in the building that I rent a suite in has been off due to a plumbing issue. Currently not able to work for a week and counting.” Checking your plumbing often can ensure that your building or salon is safe from flooding, and that you can do your job with peace of mind. You wouldn’t want to be put out of work for a couple of weeks because of a broken pipe or a water issue. BBI could cover the rented premise if it is rented for seven days or less, and would not cover for loss of work or income.

Get Quality Equipment

We know it may not always be possible to get the highest quality equipment because of tight budgets and the like, but it will pay off in the long run to invest in equipment that is built to last. A claim sent in said, “A client of mine broke the chair that I do facials/brows/lashes in. It’s a recliner, and she bent the bars that close the foot rest.” You see a number of clients a day, so there is potential risk in your equipment being damaged. Take care of your equipment and buy top-notch quality so that it can last.

Have Good Salon Security

Having good security in place could include having an alarm system, cameras installed, and maybe sensors on products you sell. This one may be a bit more costly, but after reading this claim, you’ll consider looking into a better security system for your salon.

The claim said, “I arrived at the salon at 8:45 am to find my door open. Once inside, I noticed some cabinets ajar and my tablet holder on the floor. I then noticed my tablet was gone. Then I realized the salon had been broken into and all of my shears and razors were gone, my hair extension tools, hair product, heat tools, brushes, sanitizing equipment and light, charging cables, credit card readers, and flowers broken. I immediately called the police and property management.”

You’ve worked hard to build your business and it would be a major disappointment to have your salon broken into and everything stolen. We know that cosmetology equipment is not cheap, and it takes a lot to fill a salon with the necessary tools. Have a quality alarm system and/or cameras in place to protect your salon from burglars and theft.

Use Protective Materials

Let us explain. One of our policyholders said, “I went to my client’s home and did a manicure and a pedicure. When I finished, she said that I damaged her kitchen table and I didn’t use any chemicals; I just used alcohol.” Always make sure to put down a protective material when doing nails, so that no alcohol or harmful substance does any damage to your client’s belongings.

Also, if you are ever worried about clients falsely accusing you of something, you can take pictures for documentation. We know that isn’t always predictable, but when you are working in a client’s home, you could snap a quick picture of your setup.

Work With Peace of Mind

Being a professional cosmetologist comes with its everyday risks, so we hope these above claims can help you see some common and not-so-common cosmetology risks that people face.

At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we want to make sure that you can work with confidence by having an insurance policy in place. We provide cosmetology insurance at an affordable rate. When those accidents happen, you’ll be grateful that you’re insured so that you don’t have to pay hefty out-of-pocket expenses. Check out BBI’s website today to see more information and choose a policy that fits your business needs.

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