Nail Technician Insurance

Nail Techs at work

We use our hands and feet every day, and many of us count on quality technicians to help keep our fingernails and toenails looking healthy and beautiful. Pedicures have many benefits to those who suffer from diabetes, fibromyalgia, and many other ailments that can affect the way we walk. Sometimes these health issues can cause liability even if you didn't know your client had a condition. Don't get caught empty-handed when the time comes! Let BWI's comprehensive insurance coverage give you peace of mind for your liability and for your supplies and equipment. Start today and sign up for only $99/yr!

Salons often require that their nail technicians have insurance in order to rent a booth. Sometimes it's contained in a contract with the salon that the nail technician maintains this insurance for the entire time the tech is occupying the space. BWI makes it easy with an affordable price and 24/7 access to your account and policy documents. Even if the salon requires to be a certificate holder or additional insured, our online system lets you take care of that without needing to wait for an agent. Simply login to your account and everything you need is there.

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