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What Are the Benefits of Face and Body Painting Insurance?

face painter painting little girls face

As a face and body painter, you likely enjoy spending time with children and making them happy. Drawing happy paintings on their faces brings you joy and you love interacting with them! Although you may think insurance isn’t necessary for this profession, face and body painters absolutely need insurance. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we […]

4 Strategies to Build Your Face Painting Business

girl with a lion face painting

Starting your own face painting business is exciting! It also may require you to learn and do things you have not done in the past, like registering a business. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we provide face painting insurance and business advice to small business owners like yourself. Today we’ll walk you through four strategies […]

How to Start a Face and Body Painting Business

little girl getting her face painted

Face and body painting is no easy profession. You have to be talented and artsy, have patience with kids, and work hard to build a business. However, it is a great option because startup costs are low, and you get satisfaction out of making people happy with your talents. Today we’ll share with you how […]

What Your Go-To Face Painting Design Says about You

It happens at least once or twice at every festival or party. Your line is stretching back towards infinity and the next kid jumps up into your chair. “What design would you like?” you ask. The kid shrugs. “I dunno.” Cut scene. Instead of panicking, you know exactly what to do. You’ve been here before, […]

Face and Body Painting Liability Insurance

With summer just around the corner, communities and organizations of all types are starting to prepare for their various summer events. In doing so, they are booking all sorts of talent, including face painters and body painters. In order to participate in most of these events, the organizers require face and body painters to have […]