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4 Strategies to Build Your Face Painting Business

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Starting your own face painting business is exciting! It also may require you to learn and do things you have not done in the past, like registering a business.

At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we provide face painting insurance and business advice to small business owners like yourself. Today we’ll walk you through four strategies for you to follow so you can build your face painting business and get new clients.

Market Research

You’ll need to first start with market research. This means you do research to see existing face painting businesses in the area, who your competitors would be, and more. You’ll also need to think about who your market will be. Will you just be doing kids’ birthday parties? Maybe you want to participate in other events and parks and other public places. You need to have all of this established before going on to the next step.

Register Your Business

The next step is to register your face painting business. You need to register your business so you can be recognized as a legal entity. This may vary from state to state and your specific business operations. Before getting started, select a name for your face painting business—something that is memorable and unique to you and your business.

You then need to be registered with federal, and state agencies—each for a different reason.

Federal Registration: For your face painting services, you will need to file with the government to register for a federal tax ID, which is also known as an employer identification number (EIN). Register for a federal tax ID here.

State Registration: No matter which state your business is located in, and where your business’ revenue is coming from, you will need to register your business with that state. The Small Business Administration can help you register your business.

You will specifically need an EIN to operate as the following types of business entities; all corporations, all Limited Liability Companies (LLC) with more than one member, and any business who hires employees including a sole proprietorship.

Get Business Insurance

The next step to setting up your face painting business is to make sure you have insurance. You never plan on accidents happening, but there is always the possibility. You can get insured with Beauty and Bodywork Insurance starting at $9.99/month or $96 per year, which includes both general and professional liability insurance. You can fill out an online application to receive immediate coverage for your new business. Your policy is active for one year and will automatically renew, so you can always have coverage worry-free. Contact our licensed insurance agents with any questions you have.

Market Your Business

Once you have purchased face painting insurance, you are ready for the last step—marketing your business! These are general marketing tips any business owner should implement, but you may find others that work best for your business.

You will need to get a logo designed for your business so you can display this logo on face painting business cards, your website, social media platforms, etc. When setting up a website, remember that it’s fairly easy. You can use pre-designed templates, or create your own website. Take advantage of this tool and list your services, prices, business information (like location and schedule), and more.

Next, you should set up business accounts on social media platforms. This includes a Facebook Business page and an Instagram business account. Having these accounts can help you track the analytics of your content and see where your followers are located. Along with this, you will want to get your business on Google Maps so potential customers can see where your business is located, and can see contact information with reviews.

Best of Luck!

We hope the above information has been helpful in getting started with your face painting business plan. By following these steps, you are sure to run a successful business while doing what you love!

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