Self-Care Tips for Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Hair Stylists


BBI is proud to offer comprehensive business insurance to beauty and bodywork professionals. Because many of our clients are cosmetologists, estheticians, and hair stylists who work hard to care for their clients, we gathered a list of self-care tips for beauty experts.

  1. Take care of your hands. This is especially important for hair stylists and cosmetologists whose hands spend a lot of time in water washing clients’ hair. Because frequent washing strips your hands of moisture and protective oils, it is essential to nurture your hands with emollients to restore these oils. After each wash, pat your hands dry rather than rubbing them dry (this prevents loss of moisture and oils). Then apply moisturizer in a thin layer over your hands and wrists.
  1. Incorporate exercises into your routine that strengthen your arms and back. This can help prevent back pain and sore arms during a long day of work. Taking a few minutes to stretch the muscles around the spine can help decrease pain during the work day. One great lumbar stretch for beauty professionals is to lie flat on your back on the floor and pull your knees to your chest one at a time and then together.

  1. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities. There are many opportunities for cosmetologists, estheticians, and hair stylists to volunteer with hospice and other organizations to provide care for homebound patients. Volunteering is self-care for the spirit.
  1. Schedule short breaks to sit and rest your feet. Even a five minute break can decrease swelling and foot pain. It also helps to stand on a cushioned surface while you work like a mat or a piece of carpet.
  1. Practice mindfulness. “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” -Hanh Nhat Thich
  1. If you work from your home or travel to your clients and don’t have coworkers around, find a network. It is great to have others to commiserate with and share victories with.
  1. Splurge on great tools. You are an artist and an expert. Your work is worth it, and trying out a new brush or a new product adds variety to your work.
  1. Don’t forget to pamper yourself. Get a facial. Try a new hair color. Get a massage. You of all people know the value of giving yourself some TLC. Don’t deny that to yourself.

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By Lyndsey Larsen

Lyndsey Larsen is the Marketing Manager for Beauty & Bodywork Insurance and writes about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and insurance.

Lyndsey Larsen is an experienced writer with a background in corporate communications and nonprofits, SAAS corporations, and nutraceutical companies. She has previously worked as a journalist for regional and national publications. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing butterflies, rockhounding, and spending time with her two kids in Utah's mountains or deserts. Find Lyndsey on LinkedIn.