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Beautician Insurance: 5 Tips to Consider Before Signing Up

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These days, looking for beautician insurance is easy thanks to Google. However, with so many options available, how do you know which one is the right fit for you?

Besides the obvious considerations of price and value, there are a few other items worth your time like usability, accessibility, and coverage options.

Here are five things you may want to consider in a beautician insurance policy before purchasing.

1. A Beautician Insurance Policy That’s National

Life will bring you a plethora of twists and turns, maybe even causing you to move out of state. Or maybe your client has a wedding in the state next door and books you to do their makeup for the event.

Whatever the case, it’s important to have beautician insurance that can adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle. We are proud to provide coverage for our policyholders in 49 states (MO excluded). You don’t have to miss out on work opportunities or waste time shopping around for new insurance coverage every time an out-of-state event pops up or you relocate.

2. Coverage While You’re In School

Pursuing your beautician license can be an exciting journey—you’ll learn immensely and grow your career. While you are enrolled, your beauty school or college may carry liability insurance for you so long as you are on the premises. If you practice off-premises though, on friends or family members, for example, your school policy may not extend to cover these activities.

While you remain vulnerable to incidents anytime during your professional career, you are at a greater risk while you are learning and gaining experience. Be proactive and get beautician insurance.

3. Inland Marine Coverage

As a beautician, you have a vast array of supplies, ranging from ceramic curling irons to high-end blow dryers. Inland marine coverage is useful because it can cover materials being transported over land or being stored in an off-site location. Your supplies may run the risk of loss by theft, fire, or even environmental damage. In these instances, inland marine coverage might respond if due to a covered loss.

Here’s an example: you could be offering in-home hair styling sessions for your clients and leave your hair supplies in the car. By the time you’re ready to leave, your car window is broken and your supplies are gone. With inland marine coverage, the cost of the lost supplies could be covered. However, you want to keep in mind that inland marine coverage will not cover property at a fixed location (i.e. a building) or for property that goes missing due to a mysterious disappearance.

Inland marine can easily be added to your policy and may respond to a covered claim, which could keep you from paying the replacement costs of your equipment.

4. A Policy That Offers Additional Insureds

So, what is an additional insured?

An additional insured is a person or organization (not an employee or a friend) that can be added to your insurance policy by endorsement. For an additional premium, your policy may protect that additional insured from claims arising out of your negligence.

For example, you want to rent space in a hair salon and the salon owner requires that you add them as an additional insured before you can officially start working. After adding the salon owner as an additional insured, your client wants you to color their hair and the chemical causes an allergic reaction. The client files a bodily injury claim against you and decides to include the salon. However, since you added the salon as an additional insured and they weren’t responsible for the incident, they would be protected under your policy.

All policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions, please read the policy for exact verbiage. Claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar claims do not guarantee coverage.

5. Not Having to Wait Around For a Quote

You work your way through a beautician insurance application and finally get to the end (hooray!) The downside? The next step is to wait for your insurance quote to be sent in a handful of business days. Who has time to wait around?

We are proud to offer a fast and efficient option for your insurance buying experience. Since we created beautician and cosmetology insurance with professionals like you in mind, you can get coverage at an affordable rate and fully online 24/7! After filling out the application, you can even print out your proof of insurance right there and get to work. No waiting required!


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