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Liability Insurance Protects Cosmetologists from Client Injuries

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Cosmetology is one of the few careers that allows you to both help people and immediately see the results of your work, but while being a cosmetologist can be an incredibly rewarding career, it’s also a career that comes with risks.

Here are a few third-party injuries that a cosmetologist could be held responsible for:

  • Slip and fall injuries in the cosmetologist’s workspace
  • Cuts or scratches caused by mistakes while cutting hair
  • Burns to a client’s head or neck by a curling iron or blow dryer
  • Injury caused by a weave or hair coloring being done incorrectly
  • Harm caused by adverse reactions to products applied incorrectly by the cosmetologist

Cosmetologists work hard to avoid these kinds of problems and give their clients a great experience, but if a mistake happens or if a client blames you for harm or injury, you’ll be glad to have the protection of liability insurance. Insurance can save you from the expense of a lawsuit and help you pay for the legal assistance you need to protect your license.

The fact is that your work has a significant impact on your clients, and you need protection against the risks that come with this responsibility.

BBI is a great option for cosmetologists looking for liability insurance.

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