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What is BBI Cyber Liability Insurance?

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Cybersecurity is “the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.” With hackers all over the world trying to steal sensitive information, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. Cyber attacks usually are designed to steal, change, or distort sensitive information. So how does this relate to you as a business owner? Your clients’ information is at risk every day and you need to have the necessary protection so that your business and its information is safe.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance

Nearly one in four businesses has experienced a cybersecurity event. A cybersecurity event can be a data breach, a computer hack, among other things. Cyber liability insurance is intended to protect businesses from lawsuits and fines from a data breach of your clients personal information. If your clients’ info is compromised, you could be held liable. Cyber liability insurance covers your assets if you get hacked or a data breach occurs.

What Is Included in the Cybersecurity Policy?

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance has an additional policy that can be added to its insurance policies. This cyber liability insurance is intended to be a security net for your business operations and business information. This could be your clients’ personal information, medical records, credit card information, etc. Any information that you collect from your clients–names, addresses, etc.–is at risk. Client payment information is the main exposure that you face as a small business owner. That’s why it’s important for you to have coverage because you could be held liable should a cyber attack occur.

If you collect and/or store customer or financial data, we strongly advise adding the Cyber Liability Insurance Option for greater protection and peace of mind. With this coverage comes a policy limit of insurance of $100,000. Each enterprise security event claim limit of insurance is $100,000.

How Much Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cost?

BBI has several policies and endorsements that can be added to your base coverage. Cyber liability insurance can be added to your base policy for $79. Should you or your client’s information ever be stolen or destroyed, you will be grateful that you’re insured with BBI’s cybersecurity policy. Invest in your future today so that you have protection in the event of a cyber attack.

Other BBI Endorsements

Cyber liability insurance is a policy that can be purchased with BBI, but there are also other endorsements that can be added to your base policy to match your specific business practices. If you practice massage therapy and are also a fitness trainer, you can purchase a fitness trainer policy. This policy is available if you plan on including any form of fitness training such as yoga, dance, or personal training. A cupping policy and a micro-current policy are also available for purchase. These are especially helpful if you are a practicing acupuncturist.

Purchase a policy today with Beauty and Bodywork Insurance. Contact one of our certified insurance agents to get all the details you need for your personalized policy. You can purchase a policy online in 10 minutes or less. And don’t forget about cyber liability insurance to protect your and your clients’ information from cyber attacks. Trust BBI to protect your business so that you can do what you love with peace of mind.

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