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How to Write a Successful Salon and Spa Business Plan

Woman smiles while writing on clipboard in beauty salon

You’ve dreamt of opening your own salon and spa, and now you’re ready to make it a reality. Congrats! You’re in for a rewarding journey ahead. Now is the time to prepare your new venture for long-term success with a comprehensive business plan. Why should you write a business plan? A spa and salon business […]

5 Best Salon Scheduling Software Apps in 2024

Has this ever happened to you? @beautybyashleypulido Ugh accidentally double booking is the worst 😵‍💫 #denverhair ♬ Lo-Fi analog beat – Gloveity Ashley starts her TikTok saying “I’m an idiot and I’m the worst hairstylist ever, and I accidentally double booked myself this morning and I had to turn one of my clients away.” While […]

11 Best Salon Marketing Strategies Right Now

salon owner posing in front of products in salon

Let’s face it—from COVID shutdowns to mask mandates, the past few years have been tumultuous for everyone in the salon industry. If you find that you are struggling to build (or rebuild) your salon book of business, you’re not alone. For one thing, your industry is already huge, and it’s still growing! These recent Gitnux […]

How to Start a Mobile Beauty Salon Business in 8 Steps

salon owner in salon and spa smiling

If you’re an entrepreneur who loves doing hair, you may have considered creating a mobile beauty salon. A mobile beauty salon gives you the freedom to take your skills and business on the road—whether that’s to a corporate office, a client’s home, or other location. With a mobile beauty salon, you have more flexibility than […]

Salon & Spa Equipment Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on salon and spa equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned spa owner or just starting, this guide will provide the essential knowledge you need to equip your salon and spa effectively. In the ever-evolving beauty industry, staying updated with the latest equipment and trends can give your business a competitive edge. […]

Tips For Running a Successful Beauty Salon in 2024

salon and spa owner greeter customer at the door opening it for them

Last updated on May 28, 2024. Looking to level up your beauty salon in 2024? Let Dannah Boston, founder of The Esthetic Co., inspire you. “One big success story of ours has been an opportunity of a local luxury bed and breakfast and another business that we are connected with inviting us to bring our […]

Salon and Spa Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

An empty spa

Last updated on May 29, 2024. Opening the doors of your dream salon or spa is an exciting career milestone. But with your opening comes an overwhelming checklist of tasks—you just want to get to wowing your clients already! To get 100 percent ready for business, you need to choose the right salon and spa […]

How to Start a Salon and Spa Business: 5 Key Steps to Follow

woman relaxing at a spa after a massage

You’ve built up your skills and expertise over the years. You love working with people and helping them feel their best. And now you’re looking for your next challenge—to open your own salon and spa! But, how to start a salon and spa business? Going from employee or independent contractor to business owner may seem […]

How to Market Your Beauty Salon

simple blue and pink beauty salon space

As a salon owner, you know that your job comes with several responsibilities and it can be exhausting at times, yet very rewarding. Marketing your salon may not always be your #1 priority. That’s why we’re here to lay out beauty salon marketing ideas so you can get more clients and increase your business revenue. […]