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How to Start a Career in Massage Therapy

massage therapist carefully massaging woman's back

In 2021, Chaz Armstrong won the Gold Medal for his division at the World Championship in Massage 2021 competition in Copenhagen, Denmark—his third straight win since he first started competing in 2018. Reflecting on his medals, his packed client schedule, and his thriving practice in Olathe, Kansas, he told Massage Magazine about how he got […]

Massage Therapists Licenses and Certifications: A Comprehensive Guide

woman giving massage on table near pool of water

A career as a massage therapist can be both personally and financially rewarding, but before you can set up your practice, you need to make sure you’ve met all the legal and professional requirements. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on what massage therapists need to know about licensing, insurance, and liability before starting their […]

Best Massage Tables for Massage Therapists: An Essential Guide

massage table overlooking ocean view

When it comes to providing exceptional massage services, the quality of your massage table is non-negotiable. After all, this is where your clients spend their time during sessions, and it directly impacts their comfort and overall experience. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to upgrade, finding the best massage table can […]

Massage Titles Can Be Confusing, Massage Insurance Isn’t

two massage therapists giving one massage

Every industry has its own professional titles, and often clients need help understanding their significance. Massage therapy is among these industries; you aren’t just a massage therapist, but a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), or a Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP). While often interchangeable in conversation, these titles have […]

How to Start a Massage Therapy Business in 10 Steps

young woman having face massage relaxing in spa salon

The massage therapy industry is booming and is a great way to earn a living. People like going to massage therapists, one of the main reasons massage therapy is a growing industry. With good reason: Massage can be an effective treatment for back pain and headaches, stress relief, anxiety relief, and improved sleep.  Researchers have […]

12 Problems Only a Massage Therapist Would Understand

cosmetologists gathered around learning techniques

Being a massage therapist is a great job. Research shows that 88% of surveyed massage therapists were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied with their careers. And we can see why! You have a lot of independence in your work, form positive relationships with clients and coworkers, and genuinely get to help people feel their best! […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

massage therapist standing

With every career comes a few curveballs, and massage therapy is no different. Despite all your training and preparation, there will still be things that surprise you. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we provide highly-rated, affordable massage therapy insurance. But that’s not all we do. We also provide professionals—like you—with advice so you can make […]

How Insurance Works for You: 4 Real Massage Therapy Claims

woman getting a back massage from massage therapist

Are you covered? As a busy licensed professional who spends their days caring for others, you’re more than familiar with the term “self-care”. Part of your self-care routine should include carrying massage therapy insurance. Let’s Talk About Insurance Malpractice insurance, also known as liability insurance, is essential because of the peace of mind provides as […]

What Types of Massages Are Included in a BBI Policy?

sports massage therapist assessing mans leg pain

Being a massage therapist requires hours of training and lots of practice. Because there are so many different types of massages that you can practice, you have several options to choose from. Whether it’s chair massage, swedish massage, or thai massage, there is coverage for each type. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we cover seven […]