Why Graduating Cosmetologists Need Insurance

cosmetologists in training at a salon

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from cosmetology school and you’re ready to start your career. Or are you? If you don’t have a general and professional liability insurance policy, you might be setting yourself up for a really bad hair day. Here are 4 reasons recent cosmetology students need cosmetologist insurance.

1) State Requirements

One reason you should get insurance is because many states require professional cosmetologists to have insurance before they will allow you to work in the state. This means without the proper insurance coverage, you could be breaking the law.

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) has created a policy that meets state requirements.This policy will follow you if you move from one state to another with only minor changes.

2) Gaining Clients’ Trust

You might not have realized it, but having a current insurance policy can help you gain clients. You’ve just started your career, but you won’t get very far without loyal clients. Holding a current cosmetologist insurance policy shows your customers that you are a responsible professional who understands risk and are willing to protect your clients from your negligence.

BBI can help you show your clients that you carry insurance in several ways. First, if you have a website, we offer an online badge that can easily be placed where your clients will see it. Second, we also have proof of insurance certificates that you can display in your business.

3) Financial Protection

This is one of the essential functions of cosmetologist insurance. Liability claims can come at you out of nowhere, but if you have insurance, you will have peace of mind. You might be thinking that you are a careful person and you won’t get a claim, but accidents happen.

Consider the following examples:

  • You put makeup on someone that gives them an allergic reaction
  • A client has a slip-and-fall accident on the property you rent or own
  • You accidentally damage a client’s clothing or other property
  • Someone files a claim and loses, but you still have legal fees

4) A Student Policy Is $29 Less Than A Traditional Policy

That’s right! Graduating students can now get an annual insurance policy for only $67. That’s $29 less than BBI’s traditional policy costs. All you have to do is be a student who is 30 days or less from graduation and taking at least 20 credits. However, if you delay, you will have to pay the traditional $96 price once you graduate.

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