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How to Build Your Massage Business


Each week, we write several Facebook and Twitter posts with the goal of helping massage therapists grow their businesses. In addition to providing affordable liability insurance for massage therapy professionals, we are dedicated to providing business solutions to help massage therapists become more successful. With this in mind, we decided to put together an article dedicated to ways to build your massage therapy business.

Lower prices

Over the past several years, the massage therapy industry has taken a drastic hit due to economic conditions. With this challenge, many massage therapists have resorted to lowering their prices to entice current and potential customers. While lowering prices is one way to stimulate business, what many MT’s have found is that increasing the value of their massage services is actually a more effective way to grow their clientele.

One of the easiest ways to increase value in your services is by creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your clients. This can be accomplished in many ways, but one way many massage therapists are seeing success is by creating specific wellness programs for each client. These wellness programs can be designed to help clients meet goals like weight loss, stress reduction, or better sleep with extras like essential oils. By making their programs more complete, clients are more likely to feel like the service was worth the money.

Provide educational materials

In addition to increasing the value of services, many massage therapists are also providing educational reading materials to help their clients understand the importance of massage therapy for healthy living. While this might seem like an unnecessary practice, clients value little gestures like this, and if the content is well-written and informative, it should stimulate some business, particularly repeat business.

Highlight special services seasonally

Different times of the year bring in different kinds of clients and schedules. Summer sees more people on vacations, and winter sees more clients with the winter blues. Take a look at the value packages you have put together and market them based on the seasons. During winter, emphasize a free aromatherapy treatment that stimulates happiness and invigoration to counteract the indoor blues. During summer, try including an additional moisturizing agent in the massage for those who pre-book their appointments around their vacation schedules.

Offer promotions for new customers

In order to have repeat customers, you have to have new customers first. Offer a promotion—whether discount on price for the first visit, or an additional service for free the first time—to get people in the door. A lot of businesses have turned to Groupon and Living Social for these types of incentives, but you can also create your own based on what services you offer. Once you have a new customer in the door, give them some offers for their second, third, and fourth visits. Studies have shown that a customer who buys a service or product four times has a 59% chance of continuing to return. First time customers have a 27% chance, on average. Keep them coming in through great customer service and your specialized promotions.

All of these techniques have one goal in mind: to stimulate business growth. While times aren’t what they were five to ten years ago, if you can make your services stand out from what others are offering in your area, then your business will shine. Make your customers feel special, and they will keep coming back for more!

What do you think about these tips? Got something to add? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page!

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