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How Beauty Insurance Sets You Apart From the Competition

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As a beauty or bodywork professional, making people look and feel their best is at the center of your business—it’s your passion. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, the center of our business is making sure you can do what you love with peace of mind. No one ever plans for accidents, but they still happen. That’s where we come into play.

You may be wondering if beauty insurance is worth the cost. Today we’ll explain how having beauty insurance can set you apart from your competition and set you up for success.

Beauty Insurance Adds Credibility

When you purchase professional beauty insurance, you are adding more credibility to your personal brand. When your clients know that you’re insured, they will view you as professional and trustworthy. Whether you work in a salon or have a salon set up in your home, you’ll want to make sure you have beauty insurance.

When you purchase beauty insurance from Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, you receive a badge showing proof of insurance. This badge can be helpful in your marketing efforts to show your potential and existing clients that you have insurance. You can display this badge on your business cards and your website, showing that you’re credible.

Ability to Add Additional Insureds

When working at a salon and renting a booth, the salon will most likely ask you to add them to your insurance policy as an additional insured. Having additional insureds means you can add an entity to your policy and they will receive protection from a potential claim that might arise due to your business operations. The eligible additional insureds for beauty professionals are landlords, shows and events, and spa and salons where space is rented.

With BBI, you can add one additional insured to your policy for $15, or you can pay $30 for an unlimited amount.

Protection From Risks

Lastly, professional beauty insurance can set you apart from the competition of having coverage when accidents happen. If a client slips and falls on company property, you can be held liable for any medical costs for the injury. This would be considered general liability. If you accidentally cause harm to a client, like burning their skin while waxing their eyebrows, you can have professional liability protection.

When you have beauty insurance, you don’t need to pay for these accidents out of pocket, which can sometimes be thousands of dollars. Paying a small price each year can protect you significantly in the long run.

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance Policies

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides affordable, A+ rated beauty insurance for $96 per year for professionals. No need to request a beauty insurance quote either—you can simply fill out an online application today in less than 10 minutes. We provide insurance for several beauty professionals, such as hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, cosmetologists, and more. Invest in your business today so that it can have a financial safety net in place for when those accidents happen.

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