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BBI Benefits You Might Not Know About

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At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we work hard everyday to make sure that as many people in the beauty and bodywork insurance industry as possible have access to quality insurance at an affordable price.

We offer benefits to you that many other insurance companies simply can’t match. If you were to do a BBI review, you will find that we offer all the normal benefits that other insurance companies offer, plus some extras that other companies might not.

The following are just a few of the benefits you might not have thought about that come from having a BBI policy:

No Membership Fees

Many other companies that offer insurance, particularly for massage therapists, often charge you to become a member before you can purchase their insurance. That’s anywhere from $100 to over $230 extra a year. Not BBI.

Instant Coverage

If you go with another insurance company, odds are you will have to fill out a form and then wait for an insurance representative to get back to you and give you a quote. (A quote in insurance terms is the amount of money they will charge to insure you for certain coverages and limits.) At BBI, you will see the coverage and limits as you fill out the application and can purchase a policy online, and the second your payment goes through, you’re covered. Simple as that.

No Shared Aggregate Limit

Some insurance companies offer you group insurance. This means that you are sharing the $10 million (or whatever amount they use) coverage with hundreds, and sometimes tens of thousands, of other people. Once that $10 million is exhausted, the insurance company won’t pay any more. So, if you have a claim and the company has already paid the $10 million, you’re out of luck and you have to pay all of it on your own. BBI believes you pay good money to have insurance coverage when or if you need it, so when you buy a policy, the coverages are all yours.

To be fair, there are some benefits that other insurance companies can offer that BBI cannot, such as magazine subscriptions and the option to purchase health insurance. We invite you to do a massage insurance comparison to see which company is right for you. When you weigh it all out, however, the best choice, in our opinion and through our experience, is BBI.

Want to discuss the blog post? Have other reasons why you chose BBI over another insurance company? Have ways you would like to see us improve? Please comment below.

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