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The Top 7 Benefits of Hairstylist Insurance

Hairstylist and client smiling in salon

Don’t you just love that feeling when you reveal your client’s finished look and their whole face lights up? That’s what your everyday work is all about. You’re dedicated to helping others feel their best. But that can all be halted in a single moment of misfortune. That’s why carrying hairstylist insurance should be your […]

How to Become a Hair Stylist

hair stylist fixing clients hair with a smile

Describing the day-to-day of a hair stylist sounds pretty magical. You spend your days studying color, texture, and shape and seeing how your final product looks in different light. You work with other creative professionals sharing tips and testing different products. Some of your clients even make you part of the biggest days of their […]

Barbershop Tools, Equipment & Other Essentials

close up of man getting beard groomed at barbers

Barbering is an age-old industry, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck using age-old equipment! There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right barbershop tools and equipment, and getting the tools you need to do your job while also balancing budget considerations well can be a challenge. That’s why […]

How to Get a Hair Stylist License: Everything You Need to Know

woman laughing as she gets her hair styled

So, you want to become a licensed hair stylist—great choice. Working as a licensed hair stylist is an exciting profession for those who like working with other people, are creative and love all-things hair and fashion! But before you get started, you need to get a hairdresser license. Your hair stylist license equips you for […]

What is Insurance for Salon Booth Renters and Why Do You Need It

salon station in hair salon

When you work in a salon as a hairstylist, massage therapist, esthetician, nail technician, or cosmetologist, it’s natural to think you’re covered by the salon’s insurance. But the reality is, once you rent a booth, you’re kind of like your own small business. This means the salon’s insurance may not cover you or the services […]

6 Traits of Successful Hair Stylists

barber cutting mans hair with scissors and comb

Being a professional hairstylist requires more than just passing your licensing exams and developing the skills for doing hair. There are several traits that successful hair stylists have, which helps them have a more fulfilling career. At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we want you to have a successful hairstylist career. Today we’ll share six tips […]

4 Hair Salon Promotion Ideas

view of empty salon space

Being a salon owner can be exhausting, but very rewarding. If you’re in a rut or just looking to get new clients, this is the article for you! Today we’ll share hair salon promotion ideas so that you can grow your business and get new clients. Improve Your Online Presence The first thing you should […]

How to Make Hair Tutorial Videos for Your Salon

long half up do hair tutorial

Working at or owning your own salon can be fun! You get to make your clients’ hair look beautiful and feel good about themselves, all while doing what you love. Making professional hairstylist tutorials can be helpful for your salon—to increase social media engagement, educate other hair stylists, and teach those in the salon new […]

A Guide For Hairstylists During a Slow Time

barber cutting male clients hair with scissors

While running your own business, you often get to control many aspects of what you do. This could potentially include setting your own schedule, building your own clientele, finding your unique market, and more. However, there are also factors that you can’t control. For example, if the market has a decline or there is a […]

Sharlene Mitchell: Hairstylist, Make-Up Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, #momboss

woman posing standing in the salt flats in utah

Sharlene Mitchell works as a full-time beauty educator, is completing her degree in business administration, and runs a hairstylist business, Shar Mitchell Hair & Makeup. All while raising her daughter as her husband serves in the military overseas. She’s not only a savvy businesswoman but a full-blown #momboss. Here’s what she has to say about […]