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Which Beauty Professions Are Included In BBI’s Coverage?

woman receiving face massage

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance has been providing affordable, top-rated insurance for beauty professionals for the last decade. BBI offers coverage to multiple beauty professionals—from massage therapists to hairstylists and energy workers. Today we share with you the BBI coverage details and some practices or services that may be excluded from certain coverages. While we strive […]

Do You Need Insurance as an Energy Work Professional?

woman getting energy work treatment

There are several different types of energy work that all serve multiple purposes. Acupressure, a safe alternative therapy, uses pressure points on the body to relieve a patient from common disorders. Reiki helps people sleep better, reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Healing touch balances and stimulates energy fields to promote healing on all levels. […]

3 Reasons You Need Reiki Insurance

close up image of woman with hands on forehead reiki

Reiki teachers and practitioners alike are exposed to risks of lawsuits. Although the practice of performing Reiki on a client is generally safe, accidents can and do happen. Here’s a quick rundown on how your Reiki insurance can respond if you’re faced with a claim. Reiki insurance may cover you if you’re involved in a […]