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What Massage Therapists Love to Hear


In our past two blog posts, we’ve made lists of what not to say to a massage therapist. Now, with the help of our followers, we’ve created a different list–a list of what massage therapists love to hear.​

So here you go! Share this with your clients, your friends, and your family, or just read it when you need to be reminded how awesome you are because you probably don’t hear these things as often as you deserve to.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

  1. Massage Therapists Love to Hear about the Results of Their Work“I love when my clients say they feel like a new woman after their nails are done. I also love that they come to me out of all the other places they could go. That makes working in the customer service industry totally worth it.”

    “I love to hear that the pressure is perfect. After the treatment I love to hear they feel relaxed, or amazing!”

    “I want to hear how the work I do has benefited their everyday lives!”

  1. They Love It When a Client Relaxes and Enjoys the Session“I like to hear my clients snoring on the table! Music to my ears.”

    “I love to hear them say, ‘Oh it’s over. Do I have to get up?'”

  1. They Love It When a Client Is Genuinely Grateful for a Job Well Done“I wanna hear they are so grateful for the work I do and be genuine!!!”

    “‘Thank you, I feel so much better!’ Every client should say that, most do.”

    “I love hearing, ‘That was the best massage I’ve ever had and I feel like a new person!'”

  1. They Love It When a Client Says That They Have a Changed Perspective after the Session“I love hearing a client say, ‘Oh, really? I never thought about my body that way!’ Education is golden.”
  1. They Love It When a Client Says That They are Planning to Come Back“‘I’m ready to reschedule and I’m telling all my friends.'”

    “‘That was the best massage I’ve ever had.'”

We hope you have a great day and that you hear many of these comments.

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