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What BBI Beauty Professionals Love About Their Careers

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We asked 25,000 BBI policyholders what they love about their job. The beauty industry is unique because beauty and bodywork professionals are with people all day, helping them look and feel their best.

We asked the question, “What is your favorite part about being a beauty professional?” Read on to see what BBI’s beauty professionals have to say about their beauty professional career—from cosmetologists and nail technicians to hairstylists and massage therapists.

1. Helping People

Over 30 beauty professionals said that they love helping people! This was by far the most common answer that we saw throughout the survey. Beauty professionals love what they do because they are helping people. Helping them heal their bodies, look beautiful, feel more confident, and more. As a beauty professional, helping people is probably one of the things you love most about your career in beauty as well.

2. Making Clients Happy

The second most common answer we received on the survey was that beauty and bodywork professionals love making people happy. They love when a client walks into the salon and walks out transformed and feeling happy and good about themselves! Whether it’s giving someone a manicure, doing their makeup for a wedding, cutting and coloring their hair, or painting a child’s face at a fair, there’s always joy in making someone happy.

3. Building Relationships with Clients

Maintaining relationships with clients and customers was another common answer received. Beauty professionals spend hours with their clients every day and they often form relationships and friendships with them. Clients are a big reason why beauty professionals look forward to their work. Building and maintaining a relationship with clientele is important for beauty professionals so they can have repeat clients and sustain their business.

Other Answers

Although there were three main common themes, we had several other answers that we wanted to share. Because there are so many different beauty careers, we wanted to share as many answers as possible from different professionals in the industry.

Laura, a henna and body painter, shares, “Seeing the smile on the client’s face.”

Laurel Ruth, a massage therapist of 27 years, says, “Helping someone feel better, facilitating people letting go of their aches and pains.”

“Helping others to heal and lead more satisfying lives,” shares Paula, a reiki practitioner.

“I work mostly with children but do plenty of adult events as well. I love how excited customers get when they look in the mirror after their face is painted,” shares Sandra, a professional face painter and henna artist. I meet the nicest, most interesting families and the sweetest kids.”

As a cosmetologist of 50 years, Deborah really loves her career. “I love the industry and I love the work . I’m good at what I do and I’ve never thought about doing another profession so as you can see from that I’ve been very proud of being a cosmetologist!”

Cynthia has been doing makeup and esthetics for 32 years. She shares what she loves about her job. “I love helping people look and feel their best and teaching them how to take care of their skin.”

“Making others look and feel their best, and of course, the social aspect” shares Gregory, a salon owner and stylist of 40+ years.

Best of Luck with Your Career in Beauty!

We hope these answers reminded you of why you love your beauty professional career. If you’d like to share with us what you love about your job, drop it below in the comments! We love to hear from beauty and bodywork professionals.

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