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12 Signs of a Professional Makeup Artist

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The professional makeup artist is a scientist, artist, consultant, and businessperson. Here are a few of the quirks and pet peeves that will tell you you might be a makeup artist.

12 Signs You Are a Professional Makeup Artist

  1. You know one mascara is never enough.
  1. You put on eye makeup first because you know the frustration of getting specks of eyeshadow all over freshly contoured cheekbones.
  1. If someone tells you they’ve never washed their makeup brushes, you judge them, and then you try to change them.
  1. You understand that makeup is not just about being attractive. It is an art and a craft, and your face is your canvas.
  1. The night you get a new haul of products, you can’t sleep because you are so excited to try your new makeup in the morning.
  1. The night you get a new haul of products, you give in and try all of your new makeup even though you know that when you are done, you are just going to have to wash your face and go to bed.
  1. You pin pictures of people with great makeup on Pinterest, you watch endless makeup tutorials on YouTube, you critique the makeup of the news anchors on TV. The world is everywhere whispering makeup, and you listen eagerly.
  1. When you put on your makeup, you like to imagine you are giving a tutorial on YouTube to 6 million eager fans.
  1. You know what is in the products you use, and you can tell which products are worth the money and which are not.
  1. Seeing a friend using a Q-tip to blend their eye shadow hurts your soul a little.
  1. When you hear the word “blender” you think of an egg-shaped sponge, not a kitchen appliance.
  1. The back of your left hand is often stained with color because you are an artist and your arm is your palette.

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