Top 11 Things Not to Say to a Massage Therapist


Massage therapists are respected and important professionals who work hard to improve the lives of their clients, but sometimes well-meaning people say exactly the wrong thing to the massage therapists in their lives.

With the help of our Facebook followers, we’ve put together a list of all the wrong things to say to a massage therapist. Enjoy!


  1. “Are you a masseuse, or do you work at a massage parlor?”

Just like a stewardess is now called a Flight Attendant, terms are constantly changing and updating! We no longer use these terms and now prefer to use the term ‘Massage Therapist.’ And now, many of us are working from home or are mobile, meaning there is no “parlor” for us to work from.

  1. “I have just this one little problem spot, so could you, you know, just work on it real quick for me? For free?”

Most massage therapists don’t like this statement because they’ve worked hard to develop the skills they have and they expect to be compensated for their work. As a note to massage therapy clients, pay your massage therapist for their work and don’t ask for free services.

  1. “Your spouse must love all those free massages.”

Stereotypes surrounding massage therapists are common. Massage therapists don’t like this comment because several people make jokes about massage therapy being sexual. It’d be wise to avoid any sort of these comments.

  1. “I once had a massage where they did _________ or _________. Why don’t you do that?”

Each massage therapy practice is different. A massage therapist will do what they think is best for their client, so it’s best to trust their judgment.

  1. “Do I need to be covered?”

Massage therapists expect their clients to take off clothing that is comfortable for them to remove. If that is nothing or almost everything, that is up to them.

  1. “If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work.”

This is not necessarily the case. Massage therapists can do an effective session without hurting their patients. There are several massage techniques that don’t involve pain but still get the job done.

  1. “My _________ is a massage therapist too! She just took some online classes to become one. Is that how you got your training too?”

Although online classes may be a common form or massage therapy training, don’t assume the method of how your massage therapist was trained. Some training is more vigorous and requires more than online training, and some massage therapists may take it the way it was not intended.

  1. “Do you enjoy being a massage therapist?”

This can be a harmless question, but some don’t enjoy it. If they’re doing massage therapy, chances are, they like it.

  1. “Did you go to school for this?”

Massage therapists are trained professionals, so they may be offended by this question.

  1. “I give great massages too. I should start charging people.”

Again, massage therapists work hard to be the best they can and implement their extensive training, not just anyone can be a massage therapist without training.

  1. “Your job looks so easy.”

Another statement saying that massage therapy requires minimal skill – show respect to massage therapists and their hard work to develop their passion.

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