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Top 10 Signs You’re a Massage Therapist


There are times when you look at someone and you can just tell what it is that they do for a living by the way they act and present themselves. Massage therapists are no different. The following are 10 ways people can tell that you are a massage therapist.

  1. You hardly ever wear jewelry because you’ll just have to take it off when you give massages.
  2. When someone asks you how someone looks, you instantly check out the person’s posture and provide expert commentary.
  3. You have massage magazines in your bathroom.
  4. It is widely known that Martha Stewart would lose in a sheet folding competition with you.
  5. You try not to, but more and more you are starting to think of everybody as just a lump of knots.
  6. When someone says you are being a pain in the neck, you actually try to think which neck muscle it is that might be hurting.
  7. You have more massage oil than cooking oil.
  8. You hate family reunions because there is always a line of people waiting for you to give them a massage.
  9. You feel just a tiny bit unhappy about not being able to charge your spouse for a massage.
  10. You are on time to everything because you know how annoying it can be when other people (i.e. your clients) are not on time.

Do you know of other ways to tell if someone is a massage therapist? And if you are a massage therapist, make sure you’re covered with massage insurance!

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