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Should I Require Liability Insurance for My Massage Franchise?

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Massage therapy is one of the most widely known comforts and healing methods in the world. By using tools such as hot stones, lotions and oils, there are multiple ways to physically and mentally relax the human body. However, this alone does not necessarily guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate from customers, especially if something were to go wrong. Accidents are still likely to happen regardless of the circumstance or the skill level of the therapist, and most will very likely turn into an expensive lawsuit.

To best prevent these risks from financially crippling your business, it is important that you require your therapists to obtain massage liability insurance before working at your business. This can help you to avoid costly risks caused by the therapists and not the franchise.

Listed below are just a couple of the benefits that come with requiring liability insurance:

  • Coverage against claims involving “slip-and-fall” — Physical accidents are quite common in many different workplaces, and it’s one that could be the most costly. If a therapist accidentally hurts a client, the latter will want compensation for their injuries. Liability insurance helps to cover such claims involving a physical injury to a third party. By being named as an additional insured on your therapist’s insurance policy, your business will be further protected from their actions.
  • Coverage for damage costs to your workspace — Whether it’s something small like a dropped bottle of oil, or something large like a collapsed massage table, your therapist’s insurance policy could respond to these damages they cause.
  • Coverage against claims involving allergic reactions — Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and it is likely that someone may have an allergic or otherwise adverse reaction to one of your therapist’s products. By requiring your therapist to have their own insurance, your franchise will be further protected from lawsuits caused by your therapist.

Without your therapists having their own liability insurance policy, these risks could hold your franchise responsible for all costs. If you haven’t already, make the change today to require your therapists to purchase liability insurance, and then have your franchise’s name listed on their policy as an additional insured.

If you have other questions about liability insurance for massage therapists, feel free to contact us at Beauty and Bodywork Insurance.

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