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Relieving the Pressure with Massage Insurance

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Think about your education and work as a massage therapist, now think of all the time and money you’ve invested into building this career you’re so passionate about. That alone is something worth protecting, isn’t it?

By taking simple measures to safeguard yourself and your business, you can help ensure a smooth career as a massage therapist. And when thinking about how to safeguard your business, you must consider all the risks involved.

As a massage therapist, any routine therapy session could go terribly wrong and you owe it to yourself to protect your livelihood with massage insurance.

Common Massage Claims:

Third-party claims can wreck your massage therapy career. And so you have an idea of how, here are the three most common claims of massage therapists that are insured with Beauty and Bodywork Insurance.

Injury to Your Client from a Massage or Treatment

As a massage therapist you do everything you can to avoid client injuries, but even the most experienced therapists we work with have accidentally injured a client. You need massage insurance in the unfortunate event these unintentional injuries occur.

Damage to Your Client’s Property

What happens if you accidentally spill massage oil on that expensive rug? Believe it or not, we’ve seen this! Minor incidents like these can happen in any instance. However, if you have massage insurance coverage, you’ll have a way to move forward.

Theft of Your Business Property

As a massage therapist, you invest a lot into equipment and supplies, and keeping track of every single item can be difficult. If you have massage insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing you may not be hit with out-of-pocket expenses in the event of theft!

Are you still wondering if anything like this could happen to you?

Claims we’ve seen:

We’ve taken you through the most common claims we see with massage therapists, now check out some real-life claims that HAVE happened to our insureds.

  • “Massage therapist slipped and fell onto claimant’s face causing several fractures.”
  • “Massage resulted in numbness and nerve damage.”
  • “Claimant alleges severe pain and nerve damage possibly from too much pressure during massage.”
  • “Claimant went in for a massage, massage therapist snapped her neck—ended with pinched nerve in neck.”
  • “Claimant sustained serious burns on lower back from hot stone massage.”
  • “Claimant states arm was broken during massage.”
  • “Client fell off massage table.”
  • “Claimant alleges he was burned and injured from hot water bag on massage table. He complained once at the beginning, which insured placed folded sheets and towels on bag. Allegedly, doctor says claimant has 2nd and 3rd degree burns.”

All policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Please read the policy for exact verbiage. Claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar claims do not guarantee coverage.

You’re probably thinking, “How do I protect myself in the face of these risks?”

We’re so glad you asked!

Massage Insurance:

Look no further, massage insurance may help protect you in the event of a claim. By taking certain measures to safeguard yourself and your business, you can help ensure that you have a very long and rewarding massage therapy career.

Insurance policies for anyone with a massage therapy career should ideally encompass these three elements:

  • Professional liability—Helps protects you from malpractice claims brought by clients as a result of your negligence during massages.
  • General liability—Covers accidents such as someone tripping and falling while they’re getting up from your massage table.
  • Product liability—Covers injuries from products you use during sessions. For example, if someone has an allergic reaction to a massage oil ingredient and sues you, this type of coverage may protect you.

As a massage therapist, you should look for all three types of coverage in a policy as they encompass the vast majority of claims we see in this field. And, as you may know, massage insurance can be FAR cheaper than a lawsuit.

So WHY do you need this policy?

Because it can help with…

1. Protection From Injury Due to Negligence

If your client gets injured due to your negligence, you can be held liable and end up being stuck with the costs of a lawsuit. As a massage therapist, you try as hard as you can to prepare and maintain a safe environment, but accidents can happen. If an accident were to occur, you could be responsible for the cost associated with the impending lawsuit.

2. Protection From Property Damage

Along with the potential for client injury, you also run the risk of property damage. Whether you’re working in a space that you rent or own, massage therapy insurance can help cover the heavy costs of fixing property damage.

3. Protection From Adverse Reaction to Oils or Treatments

As a massage therapist, your work may often involve oils and hot stones. When performing these types of treatments, there are a number of inherent risks involved such as possible burns or allergic reactions. Even the most simple treatment could carry major financial implications.

4. Coverage for Damaged Or Stolen Equipment

Your equipment isn’t cheap! If your massage gear was to get damaged or stolen, your finances could take a huge hit when trying to repair or replace those items.

You’ve spent countless hours studying and building up your skills and equipment. So, why not protect your investment with massage insurance?

And, if you need some ideas on new equipment check some of these great massage products:

  •’s number one massage table is the Earthlite Spirit Premium Portable Package!

    “Your table has to reliably hold hundreds of pounds of weight and pressure while being comfortable enough for your client to feel relaxed and safe. If you have to skimp on everything else, okay–but skimping on your treatment table can sabotage your career.”

  • Very Well Magazine states the best oil to use as a massage therapist is fractionated coconut oil.

    “Fractionated coconut oil has a long shelf life and is usually less expensive than other oils. It washes out of sheets and tends not to stain sheets as many massage oils do.”

  • According to Good Housekeeping, the best diffuser to check out is the Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser.

    “Lab experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute tested various essential oil diffusers available on the market so you know which models are worth buying. We evaluated them based on ease of use, perceived stream intensity, water capacity, appearance (it’s important!), extra features, and overall quality.”

As we’ve said, with massage therapist insurance from BBI, these items would likely be covered in the event of theft or damage.

Still not sure if you need a policy?

Keep reading to find a breakdown of the costs and coverages that’ll put your mind at ease.

Relieve the Pressure

Don’t let stress get to you, relieve the pressure with massage insurance from Beauty and Bodywork Insurance.


General & Professional Liability Aggregate (Malpractice Insurance) $3,000,000
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $3,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Included
Each Occurrence $2,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to you $300,000


Inland Marine / Business Personal Property $2,000
Deductible $100

Massage insurance policies start at just $96/year.

That probably sounds great, right? Let’s recap what BBI can do for you.

With a massage therapist insurance policy from us, you would be covered for these types of claims:

  • General Liability—coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured person.
  • Professional Liability—coverage for liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing your professional services.
  • Inland Marine/Business Personal Property—coverage for your business personal property like equipment, supplies, or inventory.

Depending on the nature of your massage therapy business, the cost of your massage insurance policy may vary, as you can add a few additional coverage options. These options include additional insureds. An additional insured is a person or organization (not an employee or a friend) that can be added to your insurance policy by endorsement. When you provide additional insured status to a person or organization, your policy can protect that additional insured for claims that arise out of your negligence.

You can relieve the pressure and added stress of lawyer fees, court fees and a lawsuit by having affordable massage insurance through BBI.


In the end, you need to take the proper steps to ensure your livelihood is protected. You’ve worked too hard to leave yourself exposed to risk.

Each massage therapy session could go without an incident or you could find yourself in a situation similar to the examples we brought up. With the wide variety of outside factors, there is only so much in your control.

So, don’t let third-party claims wreck your massage therapy career. At just $96/year, the premium for massage insurance is much cheaper than a lawsuit that could cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and legal fees.

What are you waiting for? Protect your career and visit the massage insurance page today!

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Protect your investment and visit the massage insurance page today!

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