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Lessons Learned by the Beauty Professionals Since the Pandemic

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The year 2020 turned the world upside down—with the pandemic spreading all over the world, people losing their jobs and businesses, and everyone having to adjust in some way or another. It’s no surprise that BBI’s customers were affected by the pandemic, and we wanted to know how. We sent out a survey to some of our customers, to hear from them and share their experiences with you!

We asked them this question, “What have you learned in the last year since the pandemic started?” We wanted to get real answers and advice from our beauty professionals so that they could have a voice and share their experiences, and for others to learn from them. We hope you enjoy this article!

The #1 Answer Was Patience

Of all of the responses received, the most common answer was patience. With all of the changing circumstances around the world, BBIs beauty professionals learned patience above all else in the year 2020.

  • “I have learned patience. Not only with myself, but also with clients.” – Lydia, Massage Therapist
  • “Patience is required; re-configuring how I offer classes or sessions has been challenging but eye-opening.” – Reiki Practitioner
  • “Patience!!! If you don’t know how to do a particular technique, research and practice. ” – Debra, Massage Therapist
  • “Patience. Slow down and enjoy my work and clients.” – Debbie, Cosmetologist

Having to live during a pandemic, or any other major change, requires a lot of patience and flexibility. Many hair salons, massage therapy practices, spas, and so much more had to close down. It was, and still is, a hard time for beauty professionals and business owners. Amidst all of it, it’s important to have patience and perseverance, and to make the most of each situation.

“I Love My Clients!”

Several responses mentioned how much they love and are grateful for their clients! Not everyone was fortunate enough to keep servicing their clients, but it appears that their clients remained loyal and there was a lot of gratitude expressed toward them.

  • “How precious my clients are in so many ways. My life is more full because of my clients.” – Kathleen, Massage Therapist
  • “My clients are family. They have been very good to not do their own hair at home.” – Joanne, Hairstylist/Studio Owner
  • “I learned that I need the interaction with my clients as much as they may need me. I learned that I have a supportive community of colleagues and clients willing to do anything to keep us all going.” – Kimberly, Massage Therapist

Having Savings Is the Smart Thing to Do

There was no warning for when businesses had to shut down. And it seems like landlords were not very willing to forego rent being paid either. If you didn’t have savings in place, your business probably suffered. The third most mentioned topic was to have savings. You never know when an emergency or other event will take place that will force your business to come to a screeching halt.

Here are what a few of our customers advised:

  • “Often the self-employed in the spa industry do not have savings put aside for rainy day emergencies. Fortunately I had such a fund that carried the business until we were allowed to provide massage services again.” – Daria, Massage Therapist
  • “Always have a few months’ rent saved. This is the only reason I was able to stay open after the shutdown. I didn’t get any breaks on rent at my salon.” – Wendy, Cosmetologist
  • “Learn how to manage your money.” – Virginia, Massage Therapist
  • “Always keep money in your savings, you may need it. Loyal customers are the best.” – DeAnn, Cosmetologist

Other Noteworthy Mentions

We compiled a list of other great lesson takeaways from our customers that didn’t fit into an umbrella category. Hopefully we can all learn something from one another and our experiences.

  • “It’s ok to find your own way—there was so much fear and anxiety and I realized the only way that I could survive (and then thrive) was to do what worked for me and to keep serving my clients in a safe way.” – Jeannine, Massage Therapist
  • “With precautions and extra cleaning measures, I was still able to have a full and productive schedule, my clients were happy, and my work was only briefly affected.” – Rianne, Massage Therapist
  • “Hair is definitely a luxury service. But it makes such a difference in a person’s confidence and happiness.” – Jessica, Hairstylist
  • “I have learned to adapt to new changes like painting other things such as walls and windows and balloon twisting.” – Rachel, Face Painter
  • “I learned that I am more appreciated than I ever could have known, that I am not disposable, and my skills and knowledge are extremely valuable!” – Cari, Manicurist
  • “It’s been important to keep engaging with my customers even though I can’t be open. Social media has helped stay connected and now that we are slowly starting back up, I’m hearing from people who have been following us all along.”- Jennifer, Henna Body Artist
  • “I have learned that the internet and social media are my friends! I can keep a buzz about my business active with posts and virtual events so that I can rise like a phoenix when all this is done.” – Joy, Face and Body Painter

There you have it! The main takeaways from our beauty professionals about the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember to have patience, love and appreciate your clients, and have savings in place.

Thank you so much for being a part of our insurance network. We hope our affordable insurance continues to help your business! We are always here to support your business, so feel free to contact us with additional needs or ideas. Your business matters to us and we hope as our working conditions return to normal, you will continue to see growth!

We’d love to hear from you if you weren’t able to participate in the survey and have something to share! Drop it below in the comments.


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