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5 Insights From the Beauty Professionals Themselves

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We sent a survey to 15,000 beauty professionals that are insured by Beauty and Bodywork Insurance. We received hundreds of responses from massage therapists, hair stylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, face and body painters, and more. We wanted to know a piece of advice they would give to someone that is just starting out in the beauty industry.

Today we share with you their valuable advice so you can learn something new and boost your career.

Take Care of Your Body

As you know, being a beauty professional can take a toll on your body. It’s so important to take care of your health—physical, emotional, and mental—so you can do your best work and keep your clients satisfied. Make time for yourself so you can rest your feet and body, mentally recharge, and fuel your body with nutritious foods.

As you take care of your body, you’ll be able to work effectively and do what you love without exhausting yourself. As an experienced massage therapist of 26 years, Daria Sherman shared, “Carve out time daily to take care of your greatest asset—YOU.”

This also means that you shouldn’t be afraid to take time off every once and a while. Take a day or two or even a week to go on a vacation or simply have a break from work. Your body will thank you for it!

Be Patient With Yourself

Because there are endless skills you can learn as a beauty professional, it’s important to remember to be patient with yourself. Nobody is perfect, and you’re bound to make mistakes. Remind yourself this is normal and you shouldn’t get discouraged.

Jessalon, a hairstylist of 14 years said, “Being a hairdresser doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient and stick with it!” As you progress professionally and learn new techniques, be patient and kind to yourself.

Don’t let one bad customer review close up your shop. Don’t let a coloring lift that pulls wrong ruin your confidence. And most importantly, don’t compare yourself to other technicians or artists. Your journey won’t look like theirs, even if you started at the same time or attended the same school! Focus only on yourself and how far you have come.

Build Relationships

“This industry is all about building relationships with your customers. Make sure to be consistent, reliable, and professional and you will make it,” said Leah Belleci, an esthetician of 17 years. Focus on building relationships with your clients because after all, your business would not survive without them. Your current clients can also help you find potential clients and help you grow your business with referrals.

You can build relationships with your clients by showing a genuine interest in their lives and remembering things they share with you. Like TJ Hom, an aromatherapist says, “In this post-pandemic world, acceptance and kindness go a long way to building positive client relationships.”

Know the Details of Your Insurance Policy

This may not seem like an obvious piece of advice, but several beauty professionals suggested that you should know your liability insurance policy. Understanding the details of your insurance policy can protect you and make sure you know the coverage you’re receiving.

If you don’t have insurance, others recommend you get insurance so you can have a financial safety net in case an accident occurs. One even recommended having separate insurance coverages. “Always protect yourself and your business, 2 separate insurance coverages.” suggested a hairstylist of 29 years.

Market Yourself Like Crazy

In an industry where you’re largely responsible for marketing yourself to get clients, it’s essential to invest time and money into marketing yourself and your services. One way you can do this is by keeping a full schedule. Stay up-to-date with your clients and make sure they rebook.

Micki has been an esthetician for the past few years and she shared with us, “Market yourself like crazy and make sure your schedule is always 100% full. Schedule your return clients out for standings so you can maintain consistency with their treatment plans. And always ask non-regular clients if they’d like to rebook at the end of their appointments.”

Brenda Vaugh, a massage therapist and reiki master put it simply, “Marketing is your friend.” Find what works for you and consistently market yourself and your business so you can continually grow your clientele.

Make the Most of It!

We hope this blog has been enjoyable for you to hear from beauty professionals like you about advice they give to you and what they value most. Always take care of your body, build client relationships, know your insurance policy, and always market yourself. Best of luck with your beauty career!

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