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How to Start an Acupuncture Clinic

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Acupuncture is on the rise as a popular method of therapy. There are several different types of acupuncture, making it a form of therapy that is appealing to a wide range of people. Today we’re going to talk about how you can start your own acupuncture clinic in five steps. It’s imperative that you choose your services, name your business, get insured, market your business and keep your clients coming back. Consider this your acupuncture business plan.

Step 1: Choose Your Services

First, you need to decide which form(s) of acupuncture you will be performing for your clients. Many acupuncturists start with the most common form, needle acupuncture. This involves tiny stainless steel needles being inserted into the skin at certain pressure points. Another common method is cupping, where cups are used to create a vacuum effect on the skin. There is also teishein, acupressure, shiatsu, microcurrent, and so much more. Make sure you do your research to see which methods of acupuncture suit you best. You want to be able to provide the best quality of services for your clients, so you’ll want to be trained properly.

Step 2: Pick a Name and Register Your Business

This one may seem simple, but can be difficult. Your name represents you and your business, so you’ll want to make sure that you like it, that it’s relevant to your services, and memorable for your clients. If you are having a hard time picking a name, try out this acupuncture clinic business name generator. When picking a name, keep website domain names in mind. If a business name that you like is not an available domain name, perhaps consider choosing a name that is available for you to create a website with. You can also visit this website to see if the domain name you have in mind is available or taken.

You’ll have to check your state’s business records to see if the name you have in mind is already registered. You will also have to verify federal and state trademark records, and social media platforms if you plan to advertise your business on social media. To get your business registered, you’ll have to form an LLC. In addition to picking a name and registering your business, make sure you have any necessary acupuncture licenses or certifications.

Step 3: Get Insured

Obtaining acupuncture insurance may seem like a daunting task, but Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) makes it easy for you to get insured. You can go to our website and purchase a policy online within ten minutes. We know that as a skilled, working professional you do your best to make sure that accidents don’t happen, but they sometimes still do. When those unplanned incidents happen, you’ll be grateful that you’re insured with BBI.

BBI also offers endorsements, like cupping and microcurrent, that you can purchase with your policy to expand your business services. BBI gives a badge for proof of insurance to each of their insured customers to show on your business card, your website, and in your office. Showing your clients that you have insurance coverage can also give you a competitive advantage against other clinics. Don’t forgo this important step – having insurance will help you work confidently and with peace of mind.

Step 4: Market Your Business

Once you are insured, you’re ready to market your acupuncture clinic! There are so many ways that you can market your clinic, it just depends on how you’d like to do it. We recommend that you start by getting your business up on Google My Business, so that clients can find you online, and see reviews of your business.

In this day and age, social media is a very popular way to advertise your business. You can create a business page on Facebook and Instagram and post often about your business, special promotions, services offered, etc. You can also print business cards and hang up fliers around town.

Step 5: Keep Your Clients

After all the hard work you’ve done to get your clinic up and running, now you just need to focus on keeping your clients! These are a few simple things you can do to retain your clients. You can start by making sure your office is a clean, comfortable environment. Have snacks in your waiting room for your clients to munch on while they wait for their scheduled appointment. You can also offer promotional packages, like buy one session and gift one to a friend for free.

Send reminder texts to your clients about their appointments. You can even create a weekly newsletter that they can subscribe to, talking about the benefits of the services you offer and any news about your clinic that you have to share. Take an interest in your clients’ lives so that they become more like friends. As your clientele grows, make sure to always invest in your clinic and your clients.

Starting an acupuncture clinic doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the above steps and you’re sure to see success. Start with deciding which services you will provide, set up your business, get insured, advertise, and work hard to keep your clients. We wish you the best in starting your own acupuncture clinic!

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