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How to Make Hair Tutorial Videos for Your Salon

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Working at or owning your own salon can be fun! You get to make your clients’ hair look beautiful and feel good about themselves, all while doing what you love. Making professional hairstylist tutorials can be helpful for your salon—to increase social media engagement, educate other hair stylists, and teach those in the salon new things. Today we’ll talk about how to get started with creating your own helpful hair tutorials in your salon!

Buy the Correct Equipment

The first step to creating your hair tutorials is making sure that you have all the right equipment. This will differ depending on how you choose to film your videos. If you are wanting to add to your salon’s Instagram feed, you will just need a quality phone camera to publish a reel, an Instagram Live video, post on a story, or create a post for your feed. A good quality phone camera, a tripod, and nice lighting could be all you need to post on your social media platforms. Many salons already have ring lights that help them with their lighting.

If you would like to create more professional videos, you’ll want to invest a little bit more in your equipment. These types of videos can be published on your website, featured in newsletters and blogs, or on YouTube. For professional videos, you’ll want a high quality camera and a tripod. You’ll also need to think about what type of video editing software you’ll want to use.

Select a Good Background

For a more professional look, you’ll also want to think about your background, if applicable. For this, you can purchase a portable protection screen. If you are filming a guest in the salon while in their chair, you won’t need to worry about this. Wherever you are filming, make sure that your background isn’t too distracting, and that there is good lighting. If you’re not filming in your salon, you can get creative with where you film, like with a cool mural in the background or a pretty outdoor setting.

Learn From the Pros Online

You may be thinking, “Purchasing the equipment is easy. But now what?” There are several online resources that you can turn to. For starters, YouTube is a great resource to learn how to make a tutorial video. You can learn from the experts who know what they’re doing, so that you can start making tutorials yourself. Take the time to invest in this step so that you can have quality videos that people will want to watch.

Think of Creative Ideas

Creating content that sticks out may be a bit challenging. When thinking about what kind of content you’d like to create, think about who you’re trying to reach. If you’re trying to reach people who aren’t hairstylists and need hairstyling ideas, create helpful hair tutorials with ideas of everyday hairstyles. If you want to share with other hairstylists how you successfully bleached black hair, you can share which colors you mixed and the amounts of them. There is something to be shared with each audience.

You can also share content from the salon’s day-to-day. Let’s say a hairstylist is just wrapping up with his guest and is curling the guest’s hair. You can pull out your camera to show how to get a natural beach wave curl with the curling iron. Or, you can even share some at-home care tips. Maybe someone is brand new to extensions. You can film one of your extension pros explaining the best way to care for their new hair! The possibilities are endless.

Film Your Tutorials

Once you have your equipment, you know how to create and edit videos, and you have content ideas, you’re ready to film! You can set aside specific filming days at the salon, ie. film from 2-3pm on Tuesday afternoons. Or you can just pull out your phone and start filming what is going on and make it into a tutorial video.

Filming will require a little bit of skill and practice so that you can get the right footage and angles. Keep in mind that you can create videos with no sound and add music later, with words on the video. Or, you can post how-to videos with the hairstylist talking in the video. Have a mixture of both to add variety to your videos. Most importantly—have fun! Filming hair tutorials is meant to be a creative way to show others what’s going on in your salon and to teach them new skills.

Promote Your Content

You’re just about done! After you’ve finished filming and editing your videos, you’re reading to get them posted. There are several different platforms where you can post your hair tutorial videos. You can post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Where you post your videos will depend on your audience. For example, if you are wanting to target a younger generation, like Gen Z, you can post your content on TikTok. If your audience is mostly middle aged women, consider posting on Facebook. Evaluate what will be best for your business and post on the corresponding social media platforms.

When you become a hair tutorial professional, you can also teach others how to do hair videos to help them promote their business or salon. Happy filming!

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