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How to Keep Your Salon Clean

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Now more than ever, it is important to keep your salon and your tools clean and disinfected. However, managing your business and providing services to clients can take a lot of time and effort. And with appointments stacked back to back where is the time to clean and sanitize your salon? It is a great problem to be busy with appointments, but it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your salon. Here’s why it is important to keep your salon clean and some tips on how to keep your salon clean.

Importance of Keeping a Salon Clean

There are many reasons to keep your salon clean. All of which play an important part in maintaining your business and clientele. But what exactly is important to your clients and their safety, and why should it be important to you? Some of the key reasons to keep your salon clean include:

  • Maintaining a good reputation/representation
  • Increasing hygiene
  • Keeping your salon organized and safe

While there are many reasons why it is important to keep your salon clean, let’s look into the three reasons we mentioned just a little more to increase your awareness.

Maintaining a Good Reputation

Your clients and potential clients care about the cleanliness of your salon and tools. If your salon/spa is not up to their standards, they might not return. Losing out on repeat business could hurt you, as it is less expensive to have repeat clients than it costs to attain new clients.

If your salon is not clean and hygienic, you could also start to receive poor reviews online and on social media. This could lessen your chance to bring in new clients, and a reputation like this could be hard to overcome. On the flip side, keeping your salon clean could help build your reputation as a safe, clean salon and help you attract new clients.

Increase Hygiene

Imagine this, you’re providing a nail service to a client. You have them go wash their hands in between treatments. When they get up to do this, they trip on the cord of an old UV light and break their hand. They then come to you to pay for their medical bills.

While this may seem extreme, having a disorganized workspace can lead to hazards for you and your clients. And while insurance can help prevent you from being responsible for costly medical expenses or going bankrupt, the best thing you can do is prevention. Taking the time to create an organized space could help prevent injuries, reduce your risks, and will allow you to keep a better inventory of your supplies

Tips on How to Keep Your Salon Clean

We recognize that each salon is different, and your cleaning needs can vary due to standards in your specific state, license, or service provided. However, you’ll find some suggestions below that you could implement to improve the cleanliness of your salon.

Cleaning In Between Appointments

One of the best ways to ensure that you and your team take all the necessary health precautions is by creating a checklist to follow for cleanup in-between clients. Some items on this list could include:

  • Wash your hands after working with a client
  • Disinfect/Sanitize your workstation
  • Discard any one-use items
  • Replace new towels
  • Sanitize manicure/pedicure wash basins
  • Ask your clients to wash their hands before you provide service to them

There are many more potential items you could include on this checklist, so take the time to evaluate you and your clients’ specific needs and build your personalized salon cleaning checklist.

Daily Cleaning

Not all areas of your salon need to be cleaned in between appointments. Some areas can be cleaned daily. Daily cleaning tasks for your salon could include:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Mopping or vacuuming your floor
  • Disinfecting door handles and other frequently touched items
  • Washing towels
  • Sanitizing multi-use tools
  • Cleaning bathroom and common areas

Observe your salon and see what other items/areas should be cleaned on a daily basis and add them to this checklist.

Cleaning Products and Training

There are a variety of cleaning products that you could use to keep your salon clean. You can use disinfectant wipes and solutions to clean multi-use tools, brooms and mops for floor maintenance, and household cleaners for common areas like bathrooms and reception desks.

While there is no set product that you have to use, take time to find products that you like that also work for your needs. Also, products from different brands can also provide additional benefits such as Barbicide which offers free training on how to properly use their products.


Keeping your business clean not only protects you and your clients from germs and poor hygiene, but it can also keep you physically safe from tripping hazards. Taking the time to properly clean your salon will help you establish and maintain a responsible and clean reputation—which could be one of the most beneficial ways to help your business grow.


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