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Every Massage Therapist’s Biggest Pet Peeves: Part 2

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All of us have pet peeves, and massage therapists are no different. A while back, we wrote a blog about massage therapists’ biggest pet peeves. Several people enjoyed the post and wrote even more pet peeves in the comments. So, we’re here today to share more! The following are some pet peeves that massage therapists shared:

  1. The “takers.” Clients who eat all the candy in the candy dish knowing they’re not the last client of the day.
  2. Clients who want copious amounts of topical analgesic all over their back.
  3. Clients who, after you have asked them if they needed the restroom before we start, decides to go to the restroom in the middle of the session.
  4. Clients that talk through the entire massage and then when there’s 5 minutes left, they tell you that they don’t want to talk anymore because they want to enjoy it… Then get upset that they only enjoyed 5 minutes.
  5. Those who ask, “Is that tight?”, with every muscle. If your muscles weren’t in some state of tension you couldn’t stand/walk! Or if they ask if they are the tightest person you’ve worked on.
  6. Clients who always ask, “Do you have anybody scheduled after me?” What I’m hearing is, “Hey I want you to work on me for more time, but I don’t want to pay for it.”
  7. The clients who come in 20-30 minutes early wanting to get in some extra time. I always schedule 30 minutes in between appointments because I need that downtime and to properly sanitize my equipment.
  8. Clients that tell me what to do and how to do it.
  9. When I’m sharing rooms with other therapists and they go over their allotted time, causing you to be late.
  10. Clients checking their phone during their session and texting while face down.
  11. “Massage Therapists” who practice without a license, or licensed therapists who practice without massage insurance.
  12. Clients who use large amounts of the expensive hand lotion after washing their hands.
  13. Clients who fail to inform me of injuries and I reach that area of the body and treat it like normal and they yelp out in pain. (Yet another reason to have massage insurance.)
  14. Having bad hygiene was a repeated theme from several massage therapists. It’s not enjoyable for them to have to massage their client if they just came from the gym and didn’t shower, or if they smell like body odor.

Whether you’re the massage therapist or the client, make sure you’re courteous and kind! We all enjoy a good massage and want a smooth, comfortable process. And if you’re looking to become a massage therapist, take a look at Beauty and Bodywork massage therapist insurance for all your insurance needs.

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